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Google SEO tools that are awesome

Google is not only the world’s biggest search engine but also provides internet users with a selection of tools to help them boost their website engagement. From analytic tools that teach you about website traffic to keyword planners that help you to reach new audiences, there are lots of ways that Google can improve your online presence.

With so many tools to choose from, how can you work out which you actually need? We are here to help, so let’s look at five of the best SEO tools from Google.

Google Analytics

Over 50 per cent of business websites use
Google Analytics, and it is not hard to see why; after all, it is probably the most useful tool Google has created. It enables you to check lots of data for your website, including how much daily traffic you have and which keywords are most effective. This enables you to tailor your keywords so that you reach even more people.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

This useful tool will find relevant keywords for your business and will let you know how much the keywords cost per click. This is very useful for new businesses that don’t know much about SEO and means that you have a list of keywords to start using on your site.

If you have zero knowledge of SEO, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you. SEO is very complex; therefore, it can be useful to work with a company that can help you to understand keywords and how they affect SEO.

There are lots of professional, affordable companies that can help; for example there are places filled with
Belfast SEO services that can assist you.

Google Autocomplete via Incognito

This feature is often overlooked by businesses but is very useful! Incognito search does not use your browser history; therefore, the autocomplete suggestions are an unbiased look into current search trends.

Google Trends

You can use Google Trends to track current popular topics and search terms, which means you can easily find out the latest search trends and tailor your website accordingly.

Search Console

Search Console has been around for a while, although it was originally called Google Webmaster Tools. It lets you check your website’s current site ranking and how much organic traffic your website receives.

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