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The SAT stands for Standardized Test. An SAT is conducted to evaluate the reading, writing and mathematical abilities of undergraduate students who want to seek admission in abroad. The test plans to help Undergraduate Schools to evaluate the capability of the candidates for cutting edge study. The students who want to pursue a study in the USA, SAT scores are required. 

The test is scored on a limit of 1600. The SAT score alone can't ensure entrance into a school - the test is just one of the central points mulled over in the long procedure of a candidate getting conceded into a doctoral-level college that they want. There are no specific eligibility criteria but the students who are 12 or below 12 years can register themselves through mail only.

SAT Test is directed multiple times every year relying on the locale. It is held in any event 5 times each year in many nations. SAT enrollment costs between USD 52.50 to USD 101.50 relying on the nation. It was taken by 1.7 million understudies over the world in 2017.

  • SAT is 3 hours in length paper-pencil test. 
  • It has four segments – Reading; Writing and Language; Mathematics. 
  • A fifth segment consists of essay composing (50 minutes) is discretionary. It is, in any case, required by certain schools. 
  • The score lies between 400-1600 for the whole test.

SAT coaching in Noida is best. There are mainly three sections namely –

  1. Reading Test – this section comprises of 65 minutes for 52 questions and the test comprises of multiple-choice questions. The questions are based on graphs, charts or passages. The passages are from various segments such as economics, social science, classic or contemporary work, etc.
  2. Writing and Language Test – this section comprises of 35 minutes for 44 questions and the test comprises multiple-choice questions. This section comprises questions from punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, or candidates that are required to find the mistakes in the sentence.
  3. Mathematics Test – this section comprises of 80 minutes for 58 questions. The mathematics test is classified into two sections namely – maths test with the use of a calculator and without the use of a calculator. Here, most of the questions are multiple-choice and some of them are a question that candidates have to solve. The questions are from percentages, ratios, algebra, graphs, stats, probability, polynomial, etc.
To prepare or want to take SAT Coaching in Noida, must select the institutes wisely and must check the various modes through the candidates can take coaching. The parents must check the students can learn and understand the concepts or lectures they are proving. The other advantage is that if any student is not able to attend the class, the whole lecture is delivered or the pen-drive course is provided to the students. The institutes provide flexible time batch to the students. Also, the batch is small, say 15-20. The course is completed within the time and doubt clearing sessions are held timely. So, I recommend preferring Noida for the preparation of the SAT. 
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