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Find the best broker from top 10 stock brokers in India

For any trader in the share market the role of a broker is much significant. There are ample examples where the trader has gained much only with the help of a broker. He is the person who can help to open an account, carry out trades and also set the limit. He can also offer more leverage to the client as per his margin money and reduce his brokerage so that he can have better earnings in this market. For a client, therefore it is necessary to open his account with any of the top 10 stock brokers in India who are famous in this market.

Why go for a broker?

In present era, the accounts and transactions are mostly online. One can go for online account and trade on his own also. Hence the question of taking support of a broker holds no relevance. However, this is not the exact case as the broker offers many other services than merely trading. He can advise and help one get better limit also. 

He can also offer true picture of account and help one know market in a short span. Hence the role of a broker can be much useful to a retail as well as bulk trader. If one wants to have the best service from a broker, it is necessary that he offers an account with the top 10 stock brokers in India who are known for their contribution in this market.

Check the market first:

To open an account with any of the leading broker one needs to check the market first and find out if any of them has a branch in his nearby area or not. This can help one visit the broker office and discuss his requirements. The client must know if he wants to deal in retail or bulk. He also needs to decide his segment so that he can know if the broker will be able to offer this service or not.

 If one feels that the online account will not be much useful as he may have issues with internet or he does not know the trading, it is better to ask for the offline account only. In offline account the client needs to call the bolt operator and place his order which he will execute with the help of the system and let the client know if the order is placed. In case there is limit set, the operator will update the client accordingly.

If the client is good at operating the software and has computer he can also go for the online account where he can place the order directly. He can also know the situation of his account and balance as well as place the request for amount. He can also know the rate of brokerage applied and the most important point is he can take quick decision about the trade and make necessary changes in a few seconds only.
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