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Why the field of interior designing fascinates me so much?

I am a third year undergraduate student, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in a reputed college in Kolkata. Although interior designing happens to be a subject I do not know much about, and yet it is something which greatly happens to fascinate me. I am a budding writer, and an aspiring artist as well, although I was not formally trained in the arts or literature for that matter. My works have been published in a number of blogs on several different websites, my artworks in my college magazine publications. I have won several competitions in writing, doodling and painting in my college as well as other colleges for inter college competitions.

 I am a Science student, like most other kids in this field I was given little scope for self-learning and self-improvement. However, this is the perfectly normal scenario in a country like ours, where more focus is given to securing good marks in the examinations that are conducted which are rather unfair to the different capabilities and skills that the students possess. Very less or no attention is given to the aspect of quality learning, whether the fact that the students are actually reaching a place that is conclusive and rewarding to them as per their curriculum. While these facts have remained true for the past several decades in the Indian subcontinent, the hard truth remains the same- jobs in the field Science are better paying and ultimately help you to build a better and secure future for yourself, as well as people who are close to you and are dependent on you, perhaps to a great extent.  

A few months ago, I visited NSHM Knowledge Campus in Kolkata- it offers students a variety of courses to make them equipped with several different skill sets to make them prepared for the future and ready for working full-time jobs in the industry of their choice. I participated in a free workshop in Interior designing there- our primary task was to prepare a painted sculpture on cardboard for wall hanging purposes. This is significant for interior designing, and making the colour choices, the tone and texture of the materials you want to use, the patterns you want to create- all these have to be decided accordingly as per the background colour, i.e., the wall colour of the house. There is an Interior Designing course offered by NSHM as well, it is a course of two years duration under the guidance of expert mentors. This is a course that yields high returns and is suitable for anyone who aspires to become an interior designer, i.e., they want to take up a full-time, high paying job in the field of interior designing.

Interior designing and its studies as a field of study is extremely versatile, making it the perfect choice for those people who are artistically inclined and have a creative streak to their personalities. An interior design company prefers to choose proficient employees who can offer optimum results as per the customer’s requirements.
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