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5 Typical mistakes when buying wedding rings

Sometimes we find couples who suffer unforeseen events, dilemmas or last-minute surprises when buying wedding rings. We want to save you the fright and clear the path of doubts so that the mission of finding the ring of your dreams will be as easy as possible. Today we analyze the most common mistakes you should avoid, check this out:

1. How to Measure the Size of your Ring

The daily routine, the season of the year or the temperature are some of the conditions that can vary the volume of our fingers.

Do not take the size early in the morning, better in the afternoon when they are more dilated and never feel that it is too tight. It is preferable that you can turn and slightly raise and lower your ring until you reach the knuckle.

You can make sure you follow the correct steps with this Argos size guide or consulting the two most effective methods to measure your finger.

2. Always Seek the Cheapest Alliances

If you like the same design and find a big price difference stop to think about what you are buying and what they offer you.

For example, make sure you know the differences between gold in 9 or 18 carats or the advantages of platinum.

Also, find out about the composition of the alloys, if the engraving of the alliances is included in the price, after-sales services if they have the Kimberley Process certificate...

Surely you find cheap wedding rings that meet the important requirements. Invest with your head!

3. Get Out Of Practices

We know you don't want a ring for a lifetime to be outdated but don't get obsessed! Do not be afraid to choose a design that you like for fear of it going out of style.

Many brides regret not having chosen another color, some original design or more diamonds for fear of wear or regret years later. Always choose the model you like best; it is a unique and very special moment in your life and you will always remember it with excitement, enjoy it!

4. Believe that the Couple must be equal

Many grooms have never worn rings until their wedding day and feel more comfortable with a simple alliance. Sometimes, it also happens that although they like the same type of ring, couples do not agree on the color.

Currently, it is very common to see couples of wedding rings that are not identical. You can choose some details together and customize the rings or choose them with and without diamonds.

You can also record the same date in both rings. Get inspired with these 30 phrases for alliances with which to perfectly blend alliances.

5. Take the Commitment Ring as a Reference

If you don't plan to wear your engagement ring daily, it doesn't have to influence the color of your alliance. Think that you will use it from time to time if every jewel you like in a color is no problem! Another option is to choose a bicolor alliance, you would be surprised to see the number of possible combinations and they are beautiful.
In this way, you will ensure that whatever looks you choose your alliance will always fit. Check this out If you have doubts about which hand the alliance is put on, don't worry, we will tell you.
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