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How Prestigious A2P service providers play the role of a game changer in modern day businesses?

A2P is Application to Person. It is a revolutionary short messaging technology which is becoming greater in the market for the past years. A2P is the way of sending SMS messages from an application. The telecommunication company or an A2P messaging service provider is making this possible. The bulk SMS capabilities are through alerts or notifications, and marketing SMS messages. 

This is different from P2P messaging where a text message is usually exchanged between two subscribers of mobile company. The messages flow very fast, smoothly and easily from an application to a mobile phone user in A2P. There are lot of advantages of this technology for businesses around the world, let us discover.

Five ways in which A2P messaging benefits the retail and ecommerce industries:

1.      It is more accessible than email

Users read their messages almost immediately after receiving. According to the market research, people open their messages within 3 minutes of receiving.

2.      Flexibility of reaching more customer at a time

When your business needs a bi directional communication within a target group, you can go for two way messaging. It can be done using a specific number or code with the brand name as the message header.

3.      A reliable customer service tool

Variety of A2P messaging service providers uses A2P messaging as a unique synergy for customers to have a convenient and instant interaction. This type of messaging is used for authentication, authorization, product information, order notification, coupons, reminders, vouchers loyalty programs.

4.      Provide service notification in a simpler way

A2P messaging is the most streamlined way to provide service details in the retail world. A consumer makes order for a product at the POS and registers with a mobile phone number. Then a consumer receives a text message when the product is ready for pick up. It is so simple and straight to the point with no hassles.

5.      Reliable, safe and fast

Top end A2P messaging service providers can handle business sensitive messages through direct connection with the mobile network operators.  In addition to it, fast delivery is a huge plus point, all thanks to short latency and high throughput ratings.

How to choose your A2P messaging service Provider?

ü  Coverage area of a provider
ü  Type of coverage
ü  Delivery rate
ü  SMS gateway latency and throughput
ü  Phone number portability handling
ü  SMS channel route
ü  Pricing
ü  Voice SMS services

Voice SMS brings business and so they are being used as an effective marketing tool nowadays. It attracts more visitorsif the message is conveyed in local languages. These voice SMS solutions are highly designed to make communication personalized and effective.Urgent broadcasts messages can be sent from anywhere as the office, computers or internet are not required for sending such Voice SMSs at times.Bulk voice calls are previously recorded voice messages. Voice SMS price varies for promotional and transactional voice. Voice SMS price can start from 500 INR with features like unlimited validity, SMS delivered on DND, pay only for submitted calls or voice SMS in your voice and language.
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