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Hair Colour Types- All Facts You Need To Know.

Hair colour is not easy. It needs maintenance and proper care to maintain. If you take good care after getting colour then your hair will be healthy.

On the other hands, neglecting hair care routine may cost you a lot. Your hair will become rough, dull and damaged. The colours also wear off fast. So, hair care is a must.

Before you start colouring your hair, know some facts about hair colouring. coloured hair is also vulnerable to dandruff. You need to use an anti-dandruff shampoo to take care of your hair.  Search reviews like ketomac shampoo reviews before using them.

Different types of Hair dye

There are different types of hair dying. Each is different. Some methods are permanent while others are for a short time. The most popular dying methods are-

·         Coloured chalks are very popular among young people. These chalks are instant and offer colour instantly. You can also wash them easily. Coloured hair chalks are safe for use. You just need to rub them on your strands and set with heat. These chalks became popular due to Instagram savvy hair trends. If you love to experiment but want to retain your hair colour then colouring chalks are best. But excessive use can make your hair dry. A lot of ketomac shampoo user review says that chalks can cause dandruff if used in the wrong way.

·         Hair colour sprays are another short term process. You just need to spray the colour on your hair. These sprays are also great for covering your grey roots. You can wash this colour as soon as you want. Only one shampoo session is enough for erasing the colour.

·         Then comes semi-permanent hair colours. It is not long-lasting like permanent colours but stays longer than instant wash offs. A semi-permanent colour generally washes off after right to ten shampoo sessions. semi-permanent colours do not contain ammonia and are safe for sensitive scalp. Besides that, they are easy to apply. You can use these semi-permanent colours to touch up or cover your hair roots. This type of hair colours can add gloss and shine in dull hair and offers experiments for a little bit longer. semi-permanent can also is used to retain permanent colour for a longer time.

·         Demi-permanent hair colour is just a step between semi-permanent and permanent. This colours have a dye and developer and need to be mixed before application. This colours penetrate the hair shaft and go inside the strands. Demi-permanent colours last up to 25 washes. This type of colours is now preferred by most people.

·         Permanent colour is the last one on this list. This colour needs a complex process before applying. Permanent colour is very strong and lasts for a long time. It penetrated the hair strands and colours the hair strands from inside out. This may or may not contain ammonia. Permanent colours can last till one year but they need regular reapplication because our hair is growing continuously. Permanent colours need a lot of aftercare. You need regular hair spa and other treatments of you have coloured your hair.

There are different types of hair colours. Each state for a different span of time. While the instant colours only colour the outer portion of hair and can be easily washed off the permanent ones are for a longer stay. Whatever you use you need to take proper care of your hair because colouring needs extra nourishment.
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