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Concept of several educational boards in India

In India, there are two popular education systems that most parents opt for and they are Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education or ICSE. But the parents often get confused which one is better for their child or children. Now the fact is that every child is unique in their aptitude levels and aspirations. It is the parent’s responsibility to understand their child’s ability and ambition to take the decision of choosing any one. According to a survey, CBSE is the most popular board in India.

Why CBSE is popular?

The biggest advantage of CBSE board is considered to be its synchronization with that of major competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT etc. after clearing 12th class exams. The CBSE syllabus is also considered to be easier and much more compact with well structured subjects. The marks of the CBSE board exams are accepted widely as the syllabus of its, facilitates better understanding which in turn helps scoring good marks. Due to its popularity CBSE board schools can be found easily by students when they move to a new place. Also the encompassing of both Hindi and English as their medium of instructions, this board enhances its acceptability to the students.

Role of mathematics

Mathematics plays an important role in the entire education system as it has a long term impact on the career path of a student. The CBSE board has also put some special emphasis on this subject to enrich the students with better understanding of the concepts and solving the problems with ease. Especially in class eight when the students will undergo an increased mindset to deal with bigger problems to reach the bigger heights in the future board syllabus. Numbers, linear equations, practical geometry, comparing quantities, algebraic expressions, mensuration, proportions, factorization, graphs and some other chapters are so systematically defined and structured in the syllabus of CBSE class 8 mathematics that the student, if understands the concept for once, will not be able to forget in future even if they try to do so. This also helps the student to have a preparation idea for various competitive exams from the very beginning.

How to get prepared?

Keeping the importance of the mathematics subject in mind, many coaching centers or website have come up with the idea of providing the students with best possible way to learn along with the facilities to get the best fitted study materials for them. Best comprehensive and accurate note in the format of PDF is available over the internet to help the students overcoming their obstacles in their most feared subject. Online live classes, online tests, conceptual videos are their part of modern methods of teaching.


As the 8th class math study material has almost everything what a student need to understand about the mathematics subject and probable solutions for betterment, these are acceptable to almost all students and their parents but choosing just any one without proper checking or verifying is not at all suggested. 
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