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Common Types of Work Visas

For those interested in visiting the United States for work purposes, the system can often be very confusing. There are many different options to navigate. Check out these common types of work visas to help understand the big differences between visiting on holiday, attaining a green card, or coming to work through something closer to an H2A visa
L-1 Visa
This type of work visa is best for people with specialty knowledge and skills. There are two different types of L-1 visa: the first is for managers and executives. People that fall into this category could be experiencing an assigned transfer to the United States do to their unique skill set, or they could be the staff assigned to establish an office in America. The second type of L-1 visa holder is for a non-manager or executive that still has a specialized enough skill that their presence is required in the United States. 
H-1B Visa
This type of visa is temporary. While it is a bit similar to the L-1 in that it is for people with a specialty skill, often in the realm of technology, sciences or engineering, this type of visa was recently changed to be exclusive to those with advanced higher education degrees. This was due to an incredibly high-volume demand for this type of transfer. 
TN Visa
This type of work visa was established through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for the United States' neighbors, Canada and Mexico. This visa applies to Canadian and Mexican residents and permits a work-related visit that has been pre-arranged and confirmed. This type of visa was modeled after the H-1B, but the specific acknowledgements to Canada and Mexico set it apart. Naturally, this visa requires evidence that the job (part time or full time) is waiting for the applicant in America. With various options to choose and slight differences between visas, it is helpful to stay updated and informed.  
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