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Coast to Coast Truck Drivers Needed More Than Ever

Scan the classified ads in any major city newspaper and you’ll probably find a number of coast to coast truck driving jobs listed. As more goods are transported overland by trucks, there is a growing need for long-haul truck drivers to keep supply channels moving.
Today’s truck drivers can expect good pay and benefits and steady employment in a job that provides daily travel and challenges.
How To Become a Truck Driver
Becoming a truck driver is not difficult. You don’t need a college degree or experience. Generally, you need to have a clean driving record, be at least 21 years old, pass a drug and alcohol test, and undergo a physical. You must also attend training and obtain a commercial driver’s license from your state of residence. These requirements might be slightly different from state to state.
Income and Job Security
Entry-level drivers earn around $40,000 annually with bonuses and incentives for long-haul drivers, as well as benefits and regular pay increases. The National Transportation Institute predicts wages will continue to increase as the need for reliable drivers grows. As the trucking industry grows, so does the need for drivers who can handle the rigors of cross country driving.
Travel and Challenges
Long-haul drivers spend weeks at a time on the road transporting goods from coast to coast. They can explore new cities and new states and experience the country up close while getting paid to do it. Many long-haul truckers claim to feel a certain freedom and independence while on the road.
A truck driver faces new challenges every day. Meeting new people, navigating unfamiliar towns, and transporting different cargo are all part of a trucker’s life on the road.
Long-haul truck driving is not for everybody, but it is a career worth considering if you like driving, traveling, and spending life on the road.
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