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Top 5 European Countries For The Perfect Summer Holiday

Finding the right location for a family holiday in Europe is far from easy. Not only do you have to apply for an EUhealth card to ensure that you have the health care that you need but finding the perfect destination with everything you need isn’t easy either. In this article, we are giving you our list of 5 European countries that are ideal for your perfect summer holiday.

Santorini, Greece

If you are looking for the ideal location to take photographs, experience culture and soak up some sun on the beach, then Santorini is the one for you. Not only is their clear blue water and amazing white sand, but there are some of the best restaurants on the island for you to enjoy. In addition to these restaurants, there are a number of hiking trails as well as prehistoric museums for you to visit giving you the perfect set of activities regardless of whether you are travelling alone, or with friends and family.


In the wonderful country of Croatia, there are just one too many stunning locations for you to choose from. With an amazing coastline as well as stunning architecture, there are hiking trails galore making it perfect for those not only looking to enjoy fun in the sun but also take some amazing Instagram’s in the process. With stunning cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split, there are several stunning locations to suit every budget regardless of the number of people that are travelling there and back.

London, England

One of the busiest and by far the best locations on this is list is London. As the heart of the UK, this amazing capital city has plenty to offer, from free attractions such as themuseums as well as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, you can explore the city without paying a penny. If you are looking to take the kids on a fun day out, then you can do no better than Madam Tussauds. This weird and wonderful attraction has wax figures of all your favourite famous faces, allowing you to get up close and personal with your favourite celebs.

Barcelona, Spain

Another popular European location for a perfect summer holiday is Barcelona in the heart of Spain. Not only can you go on a hop on hop off tour of the capital, but you can experience some of the very best historical locations such as Basilica of the Sagrada Familia as well as the Barri Gothic. If historical landmarks are not something that appeals to you, there are also flamenco nights and concerts taking place all over the city to help you relax and unwind whether you are travelling alone, or with your friends and family regardless of the budget or the age range.

Venice, Italy

The final location on this list is the romantic location of Venice Italy. Not only is this stunning location packed full of amazing architecture for you to explore but the lakes and canals provide you and your significant other with the option of a romantic ride in a Gondola. In addition to the traditional tourist locations, there are a number of amazing shops and restaurants for you to visit such as Ristorante Upupa Ghetto Venezia or La Porta D’Acqua. Each of these restaurants provides you with the very best of Italian cuisine at an affordable price, allowing you to experience the traditional Italian lifestyle without spending a small fortune.

With all this in mind, there are several amazing locations for you to visit whether you want are on the search for a new cuisine or chasing the sun, the choice is completely up to you. Where will you travel to?
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