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Setting Up Your Home Office

For many people, the opportunity to work at home is one they leap at. Many at-home jobs offer flexibility of work hours or days and work well for stay home parents or even for those who prefer no dress code. In spite of the casual nature of some work from home positions, there are a few things you can do to motivate you to focus on work and keep necessities close at hand.
Comfortable Chair
If you are going to spend several hours a day sitting in a chair, you need a good, comfortable one. Choose something sturdy and padded. A swivel and wheels makes it more convenient to reach over to a printer or other equipment. Some people prefer a computer stool, which can be knelt on. Placing the chair on a non-static floor pad helps keep wheels from dragging or wearing out the floor.
An Organized Workspace
The type of desk you use may depend on a few things: size needed, budget, and the available space in your home. Maybe the corner of a kitchen countertop is enough for you, or maybe you have an at-home business and have a lot that needs to be organized, such as samples and multiple computer screens. In that case, you may wish to look into one of those pre owned cubicles that is self-contained with convenient drawers, cabinets and built-in lighting.
Good Lighting
Whether you opt for overhead or lamps, lighting is another important item that may need attention. Unless you work in a room full of windows or only in the daytime, light helps you see properly and avoid eyestrain from staring at a computer screen. Try to avoid placing the monitor in front of a window – there will likely be an uncomfortable glare. And even an expert typist will benefit from some light on the keyboard.
Working from home can be a very satisfying way to earn a living. Setting up a proper workspace can make it a more productive and fulfilling experience.
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