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3 Things To Consider Before Filing for Divorce

The constant fighting with your spouse has been going on for years. The two of you haven't been in sync for a long time. Is it time to call it quits and try to find a new normal? If you find yourself in the situation where you are contemplating ending your marriage, it is never something that one takes lightly. Before you retain an attorney and begin the process, you should have an idea of how you want these three things to turn out.
1. Dividing Property
Florida is a community property state, and as such, everything you purchased and acquired while married is up for grabs during a divorce. If you have your heart set on retaining the marital residence or perhaps the empty lot near the beach, speak to your tampa divorce lawyer about other things you need to be willing to sacrifice to get what you want. Much of what happens during a divorce involves compromising.
2. Child Custody and Time
Custody and parenting time can elicit some strong emotional reactions as couples try to decide how they can effectively parent while only spending part of the time with their kids. Understand that these days, courts usually want parents to share legal custody and alternate parenting time fairly and equitably, if possible. Therefore, if you have your heart set on full custody, you may want to rethink this.
3. 401(k) Account
You stayed home for years to raise children, so you have no retirement account. You won't have enough time to save up that kind of money even if you returned to working full time right now, plus being the only income means you won't be able to stash enough away. You may be eligible to split your ex's retirement account, or you may decide to take more property or cash as an equalization payment.
Divorce is rarely an easy prospect, but if you and your spouse can get on the same page early on, it may go smoother. Going into it with a realistic attitude towards these three issues may help.
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