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The wonderful Carmarthenshire town of Llanelli

Nestled on the South Coast of Wales in the picturesque county of Carmarthenshire sits the counties largest town, Llanelli. As with many places in Wales it can trace its history back to the distant Iron Age as the location of a hill fort called Bryn Caerau and it is thought that there were five forts in total. The building of a Church by the daughter of King Brychan established the town but it was more of a mixture of villages and a community rather than one large place. As with many Welsh towns it was the presence of coal and tin mining in the late eighteenth century that really made the town grow to the size that it is today. It is the home of one of the finest Llanelli skip hire companies plus it is famous for its passion for the sport of Rugby securing some famous victories some of which that have gone on to be immortalised in song, such as Max Boyce’s 9-3. What interesting things are there about this town?

Llanelli is a town built on coal mining initially but the discovery of large amounts of Tin deposits brought other mine workers to the town and there was also a large steel works. These sites were some of the largest employers in South Wales. As cheaper imports made there way into the UK the mining industry in South Wales took a steep decline and there was nothing in place to replace the huge workforce that slowly found itself out of work.

There is a large amount of Welsh speakers in Llanelli, which is unusual in South Wales as most of the native Welsh tongue is spoken in the North West. This shows who much work the town provided forcing much of the rural Welsh population from the fields and into the area for work. It has been a bone of contention in the past with residents in the 1950’s refusing to pay local taxes unless they received their bills and statements in Welsh and not English. It is also known for its Beer named after the Reverend James Buckley who set up a brewery there. Though it is now made in Cardiff the roots are pure Llanelli.

After the loss of the heavy industry the town experienced some of the worst deprivations in the UK but it has found solace in the Llanelli Scarlets team and the increase in leisure and tourism in the area. There is a now a National Hunt Racecourse located there and a leisure villa. The ponds to the south of the town have been declared a site of special scientific interest due to a rare Dragonfly population living there.
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