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The Guide Before You Start Your Search-Best MRI centre in Bangalore

It was never imagined that magnetism can be put on such beneficial use before MRI came into medicinal use. With the purpose, it serves it is on the biggest revolutions of medicinal treatments. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as the name suggests it utilizes magnetism and radio waves incorporated with the digital technology of computer to project images of organs of the body. It is a painless process and is free of x-rays.

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a tube-like structure covered with a circular shaped magnet. A moveable bed is inserted into the tube with the patient on it. The magnetic field created aligns the protons which are later exposed to radio waves. This produces a signal by spinning the protons of the body. The signal is received by the receiver portion and the computer processes this into the image.

MRI uses the magnetic fields and therefore projects the image with great detail with the use of radio waves. It can even detect the minute changes in organ structure.

What are the various uses of MRI?

MRI is quite an accurate method to detect diseases in any part of the body. It is generally recommended when the regular tests for the specific diseases fail to generate any accurate detection. It is especially recommended when the patient is having brain-related problems. It can also produce appropriate results for heart and aorta structure. It can provide precise information about the various glands, joints, soft tissues and bones. Any major surgery is often preceded only after an MRI scan.
The following are some of the examples of MRI scan usage:

·         Brain and spinal cord abnormalities
·         Other peculiarities of the body including tumours and cysts
·         Various cancers like breast cancer and cancer screening
·         Various bones and joint related anomalies
·         Heart problems
·         Diseases of the body like the liver and other organs.
·         Pelvic pain
·         Uterine abnormalities during an infertility evaluation.

What are the various side effects and risks involved?

MRI scan is a painless and harmless technology scan which even avoids the X-ray exposure. It contains no side effects, however, there are few precautions taken before the scan. Since it involves magnetic rays, patients with any metallic material within them must inform their doctor. Metallic chips and other materials can degrade the quality of the image produced by the scan. The patients with metals clips near sensitive areas cannot get an MRI scan as it can change the position of the metal. Also, the patients with artificial or metallic organs should not get an MRI scan too. It can cause headaches and burn at the injection point in very few patients. People who are uncomfortable in closed areas are prone to experience difficulties during an MRI scan.

What is the process of an MRI scan?

The following points are considered for an MRI is done:
·         The objects made of metal on the body are removed.
·         Sedative medication is given to reduce anxiety during the MRI process.
·         The patients are supposed to lie still to generate the best results.
·         It is very important for the patients to relax during the scan so they are suggested to breathe normally.
·         Sometimes the patients are injected with liquids to produce a better image from the scan.
·         The time taken in the scan is totally dependent on the organ but in general, takes one or one and a half hour.
The computer produces visual images once the scan is completed. The images are interpreted by a radiologist in a report form. The doctor can, later on, conclude the post-test treatment.

What is fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?

fMRI is a technique that uses MRI technology used in measuring the thinking activity of the brain by observing the blood flow in areas of the brain. The blood is relatively higher with active neurons. This forms the base for the activity of neurons and therefore finding cognitive action of the brain. It is a beneficial technique for brain mapping without drugs or invasive proceedings.

Functional MRI is useful in the study of normal, injured or a diseased brain. It finds its usage in clinical practices. It can detect the peculiarities in tissues. Basically, fMRI is focused more on working than on looks of tissues. It is primarily helpful in reducing the risks involved in surgeries by identifying the critical functioning areas of the brain. It can also detect neurodegenerative diseases and the effects of strokes and tumours.

MRI centres in Bangalore

The number of MRI centres in Bangalore is quite high so it is difficult to rate thebest mricentre in Bangalore. Bangalore is home to the best medical facilities and test centres. The following points should be considered before choosing an MRI centre for scanning:

·         The foremost important point is advanced technology. The quality of an MRI machine is a determining point of the scanned result.
·         The second point to consider is safety. The MRI centre should ensure all the safety points with regard to the patients.
·         An ACR (American College of Radiology) certified centre is an aid to be trustworthy for the MRI scan.
·         The MRI centre should fit in with the budget of the patient and provide excellent facilities with suitable costs.
·         The doctors and staff of the MRI centre also play an important role in MRI scanning. So they should be well qualified and experienced.

There are many MRI centres with the following qualities to avail you the best mri in Bangalore. It is very important to consult a doctor soon after your MRI scan to conclude for further diagnosis.

The advancements in the medical field have generated various advancements. The technology which was earlier used is now replaced by new and innovative inventions. The diseases which had no cure can now be easily detected before they come into a harmful course. The similar case is with the machines involved too. MRI scanning has proved a vital invention for disease detection. Also, it has made it possible to detect their possibilities. It is quite certain that in nearby future technology will create new and better disease treatment and detection method.
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