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Simple And Effective Ways To Keep Your Bed Cool In Summer

Summers are awesome to enjoy outdoor activities but the worst thing about summer is the high heat that it brings with its arrival. We all know and understand the struggle of sleeping well and without any difficulty during the summer season. Tossing and turning in a bed is a very common thing for most of the people who sleep without AC. Sweat-drenched and sleepless nights in summers also lower our productivity and working capability on every next morning. To get rid of this trouble, many people use mattress fan or bed sheet fan to keep their beds cools in a simplest yet effective way. So, without taking much on introduction, let’s quickly dive into the top effective ways to keep your bed cool in summer.
1.    Find The Right Spot For Your Bed
We all know it is important to keep your body cool from internally in summer. For keeping your body cool, it is necessary to drink plenty of refreshing drinks and water every day. Apart from this, it is also very crucial to keep your bed cool also that most of the people avoid. Find the perfect spot for your bed where it is less exposed to the warm rays of the sun during summer. It is also very important to keep the curtains shut and keep your bed away from the windows. Also, rooms at the lower floors of a building tend to stay quite cooler than others that stay on the upper floors of the building.

2.    Stick Sheets in Freezer
Another most effective and simplest trick that you can use to keep your bed cool is to place your bed sheets in the freezer. Do not directly place them in freezer rather put them in a plastic bag first and then stick them in the freezer. Let them cool for a few minutes and then place them on your bed before going to sleep. This will surely give you a slightly cooling experience while providing relief from heat and humidity. Plus, prefer to use cotton sheets instead of silk and polyester as cotton is a highly breathable material and promotes ventilation.
3.    Sleep Like Egyptians
Another unique way to keep your bed cool in summer is to sleep like Egyptians. In recent research, it has been found that Egyptians or Nile-dwellers used a unique way of staying cool in the high heat of Egypt. They tend to dampen a towel or bed sheet in cool water and then use it as a blanket. It sounds a little bit strange but works really great. It is recommended to put a dry towel on the bed first and then lay the dampen sheet over it so that your mattress will not soak the water.
On the Ending Note
If you want to try the latest technological inventions made to keep bed cool, then must try mattress fan which is now easily available on various online sites.
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