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Heating tips for your park home

Park homes are a great place for people to live because they are a cheaper option than normal housing. However, when winter hits, they aren’t as energy-efficient as the standard brick and mortar homes. Park homes tend to become very warm during the summer and lose a lot of heat in the winter months. As a result, winter heating costs for a park home can skyrocket. Here are some tips you can use to keep your park home warmer in winter.

Recently we are getting briefer and the weather is getting colder, the emphasis moves from al fresco dining to calm nights in! Autumn and winter can still give superb chances for chilling and enjoying your park home, whether its pub lunches, surroundings walks, wildlife making out or a refreshing stroll along the beach. Now’s a best time to schedule ahead and take a few safeguards to make sure that your park home is secured against the winter weather and still offers a cozy flight.

Install Under-Pinning

Many manufactured homes already have under-pinning, but with park homes, it is often something that is overlooked. Installing under-pinning into your park home will prevent any sort of draughts or cold winds from blowing under the park home and making it cold. It also dramatically improves the appearance of the park home, which could be important if you are considering renting out your park home. Restricting any sort of cold air will help to keep the floor of your park home warm.

Enhance the Insulation

Most park homes will have little to no insulation. Improving upon the insulation in the home can be a big project, but a park home owner will see the benefits of their hard work for years to come. Filling the walls of your park home with a good-quality insulation will keep it protected against the winter cold.

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Give the Windows an Upgrade

Standard park homes will have cheap windows. This type of window lets the heat escape whilst also allowing cold air into your home. Replace the original windows with storm windows. These help to keep the heat in and allow the home be more energy-efficient. Storm windows are double glazed, and this traps the heat into your park home. In the summer, having double glazed windows can keep the heat out.

Inspect Your Heating System

Heating systems in a park home usually operate for years without being maintained. However, it’s important to inspect the heating unit in your park home every year so problems can be fixed in advance. This prevents you from losing heating in the middle of winter when it’s freezing cold outside.
Taking these easy steps could assist to keep away the strain and botheration of having to make an insurance claim. It is also valuable saving your insurance giver’s contact details on your phone in case of an emergency. Dress warmly and stay protected and warm this winter.
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