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5 oriental Asian instant noodle bowls to revive the taste buds

Noodles, soupy noodles and then there is another alternative call Hakka. These are the cooking styles you are probably most familiar with. Now, what about the taste? There are after all a lot of Asian noodle dishes that you have heard of but how many of them have you ever tasted? Well, as it turns out, you are not the only noodle lover who is completely delirious about the various chowmein styles available. In fact, if you have been to a noodle factory plant tour, you are going to, be amazed at how far along this industry has come to.

Now, to taste an oriental noodle dish, you need not to visit the super expensive restaurants. All you got to do is visit the supermarket and grab a box of these deliciousinstant noodle packs.

Exciting noodle flavor bowls

Being a noodle lover, do you not wish to taste every kind of noodle dish there can be? Of course, you do! While this may not have been possible living in the city where there are hardly any good Asian restaurants and scare variety of noodles, the problem can be solved with an instant cup noodle.

You cannot obviously rely on the authenticity state of a noodle bowl from a restaurant. However, when you are making your own noodle dish by just heating the pre-cooked flavors, there is hardly enough ground to mess up on the taste. Here are the exquisite flavors for you:

1. Gamjatangmyun

Spicy Korean dish with a hint of different condiments and cooked I potato stew. Yes, you have guessed it right! This is a thick and extremely soupy noodle dish.

Unlike the premium ramyun dishes, Gamjatangmyun comes as a very soothing broth. The potato soup flavor is going to tingle your mouth as it feels warm and sweet. There are often many alterations to this type of Korean dishes where thebase potato stew is replaced with a sweet potato. With sliced up chunks of beef, this happens to be one of the easiest cooked meals according to Koreans.

However, if you do happen to pay a visit to the restaurants you are going to be disappointed with the mere consistency of the soup.

2. Shin Black

Shin black is definitely the finest form of cup noodle you will come across. Cooking is super easy and its spicy hot sensation is the best company for a PMS cramping long night. The soupy consistency is going to soothe your agitated soul. The noodles are chewy and crunchy in texture. Also, it is topped with a lot of pork chubs and chunky bones making the food taste even better. The broth is rich and thick. Also, there are going to be some crunchy flakes you can nom on.

3. Pho

Have you ever had rice noodles? If no is the answer, then you have to certainly try out the Pho beef noodles. Thick Vietnamese noodle cuisine, this is a soupy digestible bowl noodle.
Surely all that you have to do is heat up the cup noodle and serve it to your guests because the taste is terrific. There is a subtle hint of coconut flavoring and sriracha sauce made from spicy and fresh jalapeno.

All that you have to do to cook it in a thick consistent broth or just simply in water for 4 minutes. Or else you can also get the dish ready by cooking it for 1 minute in the microwave.

4. Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish which is made from fermented or semi-fermented food such as vegetables. Mostly cabbages are made into kimchi. The dish is then surplus by adding a few noodles and stir-frying in the vegetable while it releases water and cooks itself. While getting the processed kimchi, all that you will have to do is cook it into a rich broth by adding just a cup of water. this is one of the most subtle and tasty instant noodlepackagings that you can consume after boiling for 3 minutes.

There are rich spices and other condiments that make it thick and the gravy magnificent.

5. Neoguri

Are you a fan of rich seafood? The stir-fried neoguri is not just easy to make but also is a very delicious cuisine projecting rich flavors. Mussels, squids and other kinds of seafood like crabs and shrimps are also going hit your taste buds as soon as you take a bite.

In fact, you can chew on the noodles simply without any form of cooking either! That is the benefit of having a premium ramyun cup ready to satisfy your hunger of Asian noodle dishes! Give them a try immediately!
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