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Changing Dynamics of Advertising – The Elevator Pitch

Advertising is not the new concept, it has been in operation from many decades and companies and business corporations whether small, medium or large are aware how it is important for them to make a sound marketing strategy for their products to increase their sales and earn profits. However, not changing the marketing strategy or not customizing it according to the target audience will backfire the firm and make their impression in public even worse. Therefore, evolving the marketing strategy according to current scenario is an essential aspect of making the firm grow and increase revenue. 

Elevator door advertising is such tool of marketing which is currently popular and prevalent. Elevator marketing in simple language is making an elevator or a lift a location for promoting the brands, offers, sales and products using every inch of lift from its inner walls to doors and screen in elevators. Elevators ads can in form of printed posters or digital ads playing on screen in an elevator. Although, elevator advertising is to target the niche audience still it is considered to be very beneficial for the firms as lift adverts can be easily customized according to the customer base which company wants to target. 

People living in residential complex or working in office buildings use elevator 5-6 times a day at least which is helpful for advertisers as it increase the exposure of potential consumers to the brand, product or offers advertised in lift. An elevator advertising agency can provide an enterprise a creative and a unique design to advertise their product to the audience which looks far more appealing that traditional forms of adverts. Ads in lifts or elevators communicate faster and efficiently as consumer do not have any external distraction to divert their attention from advert. 

Moreover, owning to busy working lives of consumers they do not have time to see ads or TV commercials. However, in lift they do not have anything to do hence showing ads in lifts not only act as source of entertainment for the audience but also benefits consumer as their product or brand cannot get unnoticed. Apart from benefits provided to the company owners, Elevator ads are beneficial for owners of buildings where elevators are operating. Property owners can generate revenue in form of the rent which can help them to recover the maintenance cost of the elevator.

Appropriate locations for Elevator door Advertising:

·         Shopping Malls - When consumer goes to shopping mall, they look for offers/sales, making the elevator an ideal location to provide the consumer with the details of all the sales in the stores.

·         Business Complex/Office Buildings - Consumers use the lift as a means of commuting in the office; the lift can be a one stop place to summarize all the offers available in the complex.

·         Residential Buildings – Nowadays, residential complexes have a lift within them; this can be a place to tell the consumer about the recent offers available in the shopping complexes nearby.
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