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5-Point Checklist to Start a Preschool in India

It has been truly said that children in India are its future. But to make the future rewarding, it is important that theyget the best quality education from the very beginning. Even before children are eligible to join a school in the nursery standard, they are commonly enrolled in preschool to develop basic learning skills. This basic knowledge frames the foundation of their future. To ensure that every child starts to develop good learning habits, a lot of people are found interested in starting a preschool of their own. They want to help children achieve their true potential with a good start in schooling, while also supporting a social cause.

Starting a preschool involves considerable investment. So, one should have a clear idea about significant things to be considered while planning to invest in it.

Here’s a five point checklist to be followed to start a preschool in India –

1.      Check if You Are Ready For It

There is a difference between being willing to start a preschool and being ready for the same. You may be feeling excited and driven by the thought of making young children learn and grow in the best-in-class preschool environment but to make this dream come true, you should have the required knowledge about the licensing requirements, hiring the right teachers in the school and similar other aspects. Before making any final decision, you should assess your readiness of starting a preschool wisely.

2.      Know Well About Popular Preschool Franchises

You can either plan to start a preschool on your own, giving it a new name and marketing it within your city or a better way to ensure good returns on your investment is to opt for a low investment preschool franchise. The already established brand name of the franchise will attract more parents to get their children enrolled in your preschool, thus ensuring higher profits for you.

3.      Think About the Required Budget and Business Plan

Next to assessing your readiness, you need to think about the amount of money you need to start a preschool. To invest in one of the best preschool franchises, the budget should include the cost of buying or renting a property, interior designing of the school, salaries of the hired teachers and management staff etc. Plus, you should have a business plan in mind about what you will get to earn as returns of your investment.

4.      Decide the Curriculum to be Followed

After planning the budget and business plan, you need to decide the curriculum to be followed in the preschool. It should ensure a growing pre-academic environment for children to learn the basics of education.

5.      Considering the Staffing Needs of Your Preschool

A preschool for children is as good as the teachers hired in it. So, you should be very careful while hiring qualified teachers for your preschool. You should look for the staff that shares and fairly understands the philosophy behind your preschool. Other than the teachers, you will also need administration and housekeeping staff to run your preschool efficiently.

Keep this checklist in mind while you plan investing in a preschool to ensure long term success.
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