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Charges Against Werner Boehm And His Fraudulent Company MezzaCap Ltd

Werner Boehmis the ex-CEO of BitRush Company, registered under Canadian Stock Exchange. He came into limelight when he was sacked by the Board of the company for implementing his decisions without the consent of the Board which lead to damage the image of the company and hence the title. 

His actions included inaccurate and unauthorized press releases. He as the CEO of the company betrayed and deceived the shareholders and his friends. It was after his malicious actions were revealed a lawsuit was filed against him by the company’s special committee of the board of directors. The court confirmed his criminal actions and the verdict was given against him.

Charges against him

BitRush officials accused him of operating from a site in the UK which was used as a host under which many companies were registered. Amongst them, many companies were found to have Werner Boehmas the CEO. One of those companies was MezzaCap Ltd., which had one of the highest equity in BitRush.These companies were also linked with two of his Australian friendswho had equity in those companies and were the managing and the executive directors of MezzaCapLtd. He along with them channelized the money in the name of those fake companies. As he had to fund his lawsuit against BitRush’s new team, he made an attempt to create a cryptocurrency of his own in an endeavor to raise about $30 million. Although this attempt of his was backed by one of the law firms yet could not be materialized.

Werner Boehmas adefendant and his doltish blogs

He never accepted that he was guilty. Instead, he accused the other shareholders of BitRush of money laundering and criminal offenses. He even reported his stories to the police and the judiciary. In his blogs, he tried to portray himself as the victim. Werner Boehmused his blogs to harm the reputation of his business partners and the shareholders of the company. He knew the art of deception very well. Under different pseudonyms, he wrote several articles and presented them in the court so as to distort the facts completely. He tried to transform his dubious acts to positive.

The verdict of the court

After continuous hearings which lasted for almost a year, the court verdict found his company MezzaCap Ltd. “guilty” and him “guilty” for his deceit and fraud. He was commanded to call off millions of shares of MezzaCap invested in BitRush. Out of these millionsof shares he was ordered to transfer more than60% of the shares to the rightful owners. These owners were also freed from the accusation of Werner Boehmof money laundering and criminal offense as it was found that the accusations were fictitious and were made only to harm the reputation of these peoples. He was also directed to pay the legal fees of his case which lasted for about a year.

This wasn’t the end. The special committee of BitRush imposed criminal proceedings on him and his partners in a desire to see them behind the bars serving jail time for their lack of contempt and absolute deceit.
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