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UF or Ultra filtration utilizes empty strands of a film which is made of a thin layer of material which is competent to isolate water and different particles present in water. At the point when water feed through the UF film, suspended solids, microorganisms and infections sticks, trap, held in UF layer. Essentially UF is like RO innovation, the main the thing that matters is RO can square exact moment particles, while UF squares smidgen vast particles. Aquaguard customer care Mumbai is best in Maharashtra for providing water purifier service.

Advantages of UV water purifier

·         Low upkeep cost

Change the UV light rods once in a year or when it stops working.

·         High filtration rate

UV water purifier fit to convey 2 to 4 liters of refined water inside a moment. Though other RO, UF, Activated Carbon water purifier takes a few minutes to refine one liter water.

·         Low vitality utilization

UV water purifier utilizes power as much as an electric knob use.

·         Less manual cleaning

In the event that you have an UV water purifier with capacity tank, it requires to clean twice in seven days, though without capacity tank water purifier require no manual cleaning.

·         Does not adjust the water taste

UV water purifier does not utilize any synthetic substances, or any semi allowable layer. In this manner, water taste does not change.

·         UV does not remove minerals

Does not evacuate, change the human basic mineral present in water.

Advantages of UF water purifier

·         Works without power

·         Just poured crude water in the upper stockpiling tank and cleaned water gathered in the lower stockpiling tank. No compelling reason to make a big deal about water weight.

·         Does not utilizes synthetic substances

·         UF utilizes empty layers to square microscopic organisms and infections.

·         Channel sloppy water too

·         UF is competent to expel number of germs from water, though other water purifiers like UV are inadequate to sanitize sloppy water.

·         No germs dead bodies in sanitized water

·         Whatever germs like infections, microorganisms are obstructed in UF film. Purged water is free from their dead bodies, though other water purifiers like UV, even after decontamination germs dead bodies are skimming in cleansed water which can additionally pollute water.

·         Long life range

·         As UF layer square germs and amid manual cleaning these caught germs are flushed out. UF layer can be cleaned a great many occasions. Pesticides, synthetic are not ready to harm UF empty layers. In great conditions, UF film can be utilized something like 3 to 5 yearsAquaguard customer care number Mumbai   is available 24*7 for you.
Enacted Carbon Water Purifier

Enacted Carbon is a type of carbon (that produced using coal, coconut shell, and nutshells, wood) that partitioned into little pieces. Normally actuated carbon produced using charcoal. Initiated Carbon evacuates most water borne ailment causing pesticides and substantial metals. Initiated carbon evacuates synthetic concoctions that make water tastes and smell terrible. Initiated Carbon is best to expel chlorine from water.
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