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New Year, New Start

Time to write a fresh list of New Year resolutions that will benefit you and your business You know the drill, 2019 has begun, and it’s clean-slate time again. Every year millions of us make resolutions, yet many fail to follow through with them. The problem is that most of us set our goals too high and we can't deliver on them.

How many of us vow that this will be "my year", where we will shed our bad habits and become better people? How many of us succeed?

The shocking answer is; unfortunately not many. Just one in ten will achieve with our challenge. According to the research conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire - with most of us scrapping the good intentions as early as January 23rd.

Here are some tips on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Be realistic

Most goals are unattainable goals, and this is the most common pitfall. Change one small thing at a time. Should you do this, your chances of success are accelerated. It is much easier to change one aspect of your behaviour that every point.

Planning helps

You shouldn't wait until the last second to decide what you want to achieve. Try to plan and take time to reflect upon what you want to achieve.

A solid network of support

Spouses, family and work colleagues can all help you if you let them. You can speak to them about what you are planning, and you can let them know what they can do to help.

Measure your successes

Staying motivated is important. You can make a note of your progress and measure your progress at the end of each month. No matter if it's only a small change. These will be vital for you to reach your final goal and as the weeks go by it will become easier and more comfortable. 

Treat yourself

When you achieve your weekly or monthly goals you should celebrate. It doesn't have to be the thing that you have given up; so you don't need to have chocolate if you're on a diet. This could be a trip to the cinema to see a new film, going for a game of bowling, or a weekend break away with your partner or friend.

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Failure isn't the end

If you slip up and accidentally break your diet, have a crafty cigarette or forget to go for a run, don't let it get you down. Use it a further motivation and treat it as a minor setback. These are always part of learning, you learn from your mistakes, in fact, these will help you achieve your final goal.

Make it stick

After a few weeks, the changes you've made will become part of your lifestyle and will, therefore, be integrated into your routine. It will take a few weeks for your body and mind to get used to the changing of routine so don't fear if you are finding it hard after just one. Time will make it easier. 

Read about it

We excessively spend time looking over other people social media pages. But we could use that time much better and make it relevant to the target. So if you’re going to read, why not read something relevant to your goals?

Keep going

Why stop now when you've done this well? Extend the timeline of your resolution and work it into your everyday routine. By next year, you'll be more than ready to face your next challenge.
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