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Practical SEO Tips To Boost Your Blog Results!

How to leverage your SEO strategy and get better rankings in search engines? Let's show you in following quick and simple SEO tips to put into practice right now!

We are from LinkHelpers SEO Company and here to show you practical, easy-to-use tips that can bring fast and promising results to your strategy!

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1. Choose the right keyword

It may seem basic (and even is), but this is a very important detail that many let pass.

It is the one that is related to her persona, solve the problem and has real chances of ranking.

2. Realize the search goal

Okay, you chose your keyword. What is now?

The truth is that it is no use writing "random content". It's no use if it does not respond to the user's search intent.

3. Look at the first search results before writing your content

Good ideas to understand what people are looking for and what their doubts are is to carefully observe the first results of the search.

4. Make friendly URLs

URLs work as a web page address. Make sure they are friendly, that is, easy to read and memorize.

It is also important that the URLs are timeless, which allows content to be updated without changing URLs.

5. Update your content

Have you heard of content update? It is an important strategy in SEO.

That's because it's no use just publishing a large volume of content if your previous posts become outdated and obsolete.

6. Delete content that is taking your site down

Let's be honest: the content you posted 3 years ago is certainly not as good as the one you post today.

And, over time, it is normal that there are inconsistent posts, with very similar themes or even that are no longer relevant in your blog.

7. Use Search Console to bring more speed in indexing

Okay, you upgraded the content, great work. But it takes time for Google to understand this.

If you want to speed up the process, use Search Console!

8. Be mobile-friendly

The mobile is no longer a trend and is an increasingly urgent reality for those who do online marketing, which includes those who use SEO strategies.

While indexing, Google prioritizes mobile-optimized pages, including elements such as AMPs, responsive design and upload speed.

9. Make awesome titles and descriptions

When you search for a term on Google, several results appear as usual. Two things directly influence the decision of what to click: the title and description of the page.

Usually, we quickly look through them to find out if that page will offer us what we want.

10. Invest in buzz content

Buzz content are content dedicated to topical issues, trends at that time, such as news and most talked about topics.

They are contents with high potential of engagement and that generate many discussions around them, performing especially well in social networks.
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