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Why schools and colleges should invest in business management

The role of business manager was relatively unheard of until recently, where, as schools grow and security becomes more important, business management is becoming an integral part of a school.

What is a school business manager?

A school business manager plays an essential role, ensuring that teaching and learning is carried out to its maximum potential. They not only manage the school’s finances, keeping accounts and generating reports, but they also advise the headteacher, recruit staff and are responsible for facilities and health and safety procedures.

According to OFSTED, one of the main responsibilities of the school business manager is to ensure that effective systems are in place to safeguard pupils. Using a visitor management system is one way of providing this.

Why does a school need a visitor management system?

In many schools, it is easy for anyone to walk into the building without being stopped. This is clearly an issue, as if there was an emergency, not knowing who is in the building could be dangerous. There is a risk of violence, or unchecked individuals being present where there are vulnerable children. Without a visitor procedure, children could go home with the wrong person, or leave the premises of their own accord.

Using a paper visitor log is one way of tackling visitor management, however, books can get lost, destroyed or could be subject to fraud. Pupils will also not be in a visitor book, so could remain unaccounted for in an emergency.

A digital signing in system such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx is an innovative and efficient way of keeping track of visitors and pupils.

Firstly, a digital signing in system could provide visitors with a clear, visible entrance to the school, eliminating any problems with where to go. Visitors could be met and directed accordingly.

Frequent visitors, such as peripatetic teachers, parents or supply staff could be pre-registered and issued with ID cards, eliminating the need to sign in. Pupils could even be recognised on cameras so that when they pass through the doors, they are automatically marked as being inside.

A lock-down process could be enabled, allowing staff to quickly restrict access if an intruder is present.

Feeling safe at school is crucial to achievement, and that alone is an excellent reason to install a digital signing in system.
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