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Waste Segregation At Work: Is It A Duty Of The Employees

Each industry has its waste products, including the waste produced by its employees in the office. Companies should take into account as the corporate social responsibility to dispose of their commercial waste from the office effectively. Not only will it be giving back to the environment, but also imbibing social and environmental responsibility for their employees. The company must not burden their employees with leaving them clueless as to how their waste should be disposed of. Every company must enforce a proper waste segregation policy within its offices, also through hiring competent waste management services.

Waste Segregation as Corporate Social Responsibility 

Upon creating a company and hiring employees, CEOs and Members of the Board of a company or incorporation have agreed to follow the law with regards to their responsibility in the country’s environment. It includes being responsible with various aspects that their company affects like their consumers and consumers’ environment. Since everyone on the planet produces waste, everyone must dispose of these waste properly, even reducing waste production if possible.

Companies are one of the leading waste producers industrially and commercially, and waste comes from the process of producing their products, the product themselves, and the waste generated by their offices. So it is only fair for employees to follow proper waste disposal or segregation as enforced by their company and as stated in the law. Adequate waste segregation is done for the environment, and ultimately humanitarian reasons.

Waste Segregation as a Principle in Every Company

Every company has its vision and mission; however, a universal principle they all uphold is public service. Public service may come in different forms like giving back to the community through foundations, scholarships, even product transparency. Environmental care is also a form of public service as their consumers, yet they, live on the same planet and experience almost the same ecological consequences. So every company must make it a goal to include proper waste segregation as an objective under the purpose of public service.

Companies can do this by enforcing rules and regulations for waste disposal for their employees. Even providing segregation materials like different labeled trash cans is already a sign of environmental care. However, also ensuring proper waste disposal at the level of utility staff is a must. There is no point in enforcing waste segregation rules if utility staff will not comply when they collect wastes.

Waste Segregation as Responsibility of Every Employee

Before being an employee, a person has to deal with their waste at home. Regardless of the environment or place, every person is responsible for the waste they produce so being educated and compliant to different waste segregation rules and regulations is a must. Being responsible for your waste shows care not only for you but also for your future. Bringing the right attitude and waste segregation habit should feel natural and an unspoken rule. However, the company should also be responsible enough to help employees in waste segregation.

Companies should feel inclined to enforce segregation rules as a way of fulfilling social responsibility, so as their employees.
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