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The wonderful world of web design

If you have just set up your own business or perhaps you are looking to refresh your business branding you may be looking for Reading Web Design companies such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ to create you a fully branded and functional website. Web design companies are incredible at what they do, and they often create beautiful websites that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye particularly to any prospective customers. Your website is like a giant advertising board for your company or in the case of a product-based business your website is your virtual shop window. Here are some interesting facts about the world of web design. 

·    People make a judgement on your website very quickly and are looking for a site that is easy to navigate. It is thought that around 38% of people will leave a website if they find the design unappealing and 48% said that they would base their feelings on the credibility of a company based on the design of their website. First impressions count as much on a website as they do with meeting someone in person. In fact, it is thought that people will make their mind up about your website within the first 10-20 seconds of browsing. It is important that your website appeals to your given target market and is accessible to your typical customer types.

·    Boredom sets in very quickly with people when they are browsing through a website and if your website takes more than a few seconds to load it is thought that over 45% of people will leave your website before it has even loaded if it takes longer than this. This is where you need to think carefully and consult with your web designer about any images or multi-media items that you may choose to have on your website as 39% of people will stop browsing a website and look elsewhere if it takes too long for the images to load or worse still they don’t load at all.

·    The content you have on your website is incredibly important and again a good web design agency will be able to advise you on this. But as a rule, most people, around 64% will look on your home page to find your contact details and almost as many will leave immediately if they cannot easily find this information and over 47% of website visitors will look at your products or services page before they move onto any other areas of your website.

        There are many other areas for you to consider when looking into having a website created for              you but a good website design agency will take you through each step of the process.
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