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Helping children – investing in the future

Unfortunately, well-known businessmen, public and political figures rarely become benefactors, and also rarely begin to truly take care of the new generation. However, this is exactly what the leading Kazakh entrepreneur, Bulat Utemuratov, does. With his personal financial support, education, culture and sports are developing in the country, and medical institutions are being assisted.

Asyl Miras Foundation projects

Created with the aim of promoting the development of the country and providing assistance to children, the charity foundation of Bulat Utemuratov successfully implements large-scale programs. Centers for children with autism spectrum were opened in six cities throughout the country. Here are their activities in figures:
  • more than 3,6 thousand consultations;
  • 2,6 thousand children who underwent special diagnostics;
  • more than 700 children got free assistance programs;
  • about 500 children are regularly engaged in the centers.
Studies in the centers are conducted with the participation of international consultants from Carbone Clinic, who assess the effectiveness of programs and methodologies, make recommendations and conduct training sessions for the preparation of local specialists. More information on the activities of the Asyl Miras centers can be found here.

Annually, with the support of the foundation, a charity bike ride takes place. The funds raised at the event go to purchase new equipment for children's hospitals, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers. In addition, Bulat Utemuratov helps the Association of parents of disabled children with cerebral palsy.

Support of education and sports in Kazakhstan

Patron's activity of the businessman is focused on the prospects for his own country. With the support of Mr. Utemuratov, the largest university of Kazakhstan, the Narkhoz, is being transformed and reorganized. The branches of the British school Haileybury are opened and successfully operate, where the teaching is conducted in English.

As a chairman of the domestic Tennis Federation, Mr. Utemuratov finances the development of tennis infrastructure and competition conduction. Thanks to the personal funds of the businessman, tennis becomes popular in the country, and athletes successfully enter the international level. The news about the construction of new courts, the creation of schools and clubs with the participation of Mr. Utemuratov regularly appears in the media.

You can read about the activities of a businessman and benefactor on the website https://bulatutemuratov.com/. However, Mr. Utemuratov protects his private life from the attention of the press. It is known that he has been married to his wife Azhar for 40 years, has two sons and a daughter, and also has many friends – the most influential people of Kazakhstan.

Business in the service of the well-being of the country

Bulat Utemuratov is one of the most famous people in Kazakhstan. An influential banker, businessman, politician and public figure, he is actively engaged charity. Utemuratov created Asyl Miras Foundation, which deals with the problems of children with autism and cerebral palsy, arranges charity actions to raise funds for the purchase of equipment for children’s medical institutions, finances the development of culture and sports. The activities of Asyl Miras foundation is financed by:
  • personal funds of its founder;
  • attracted sponsorship money;
  • fundraising.
Bulat Utemuratov invested more than 12.5 million dollars in charity and patronage activities. The list of his foundation projects can be found on the website https://bulatutemuratov.com/.
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