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4 Tips to Successfully Entertain Your Business Guests

Corporate Hospitality or Corporate Entertaining is how organisations build relationships with partners, future clients and their staff. An example of this is a contract being signed whilst out at a dinner or businessmen playing golf. Entertaining clients can be daunting, so here are some tips to help you out.

What's the Purpose of the Meeting?

When you entertain your clients, it shows you value them and shows your loyalty. However, entertaining a client isn’t the same as holding a gathering for friends and family. There should still be boundaries in place, and professionalism is essential. Let your client know if you’re planning a social meeting or if you wish to discuss important things about business.

Choose the Right Activity

There are lots of things you can do to entertain clients. Taking them out for lunch or booking a box at a sporting event are both popular options. It’s important to look at your company's previous relationship with the client and ensure the activity shows you take an active interest in them. Make sure you plan and make reservations. The last thing you want is to engage in awkward conversation with your client while you’re waiting for a table to become available.

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Think About Your Expenses
You should always check with your employer about how the expenses of corporate hospitality are managed. Remember to keep your receipts as proof of your expenses and check if there’s a spending limit. Some employers might require you to provide an invoice, so make sure you do this as soon as possible.

Conduct Yourself Professionally

If you pay a bribe to gain or keep business, then you might be in trouble. The Bribery Act 2010 means you have to remember your boundaries and conduct yourself professionally.

Your employer might be able to offer you advice about keeping within boundaries or give you clear objectives for the meeting. Don’t be put off by your nerves - entertaining clients is a privilege. It shows your employer believes in your capabilities and sees you as a valuable team member. You’ll become a seasoned professional soon enough, and clients will look forward to you entertaining them.
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