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Tips for Successful Event Management

Whether you’re still thinking about taking qualifications to become an event manager, have been working your way up towards the job or have considerable experience in event management – it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of the golden rules for being a success in the industry:

Client Communication
There can be no success without the ability to understand what your client wants from an event and having a discussion about this. It’s surprisingly easy for two people to misinterpret instructions and information, so make sure the customer brief is crystal clear and you’ve described it back to them.

Imagine you’re an attendee
It always pays to go through the event in your head as if you were attending it. Where does the day start, where do you go, where are the amenities? It is easy to navigate the location and attend every talk or display?

 This should help you brainstorm anything that doesn’t quite flow or issues of accessibility that might arise, so you can smooth it out before the event day.

Learn from previous events
Learn from your experiences, both good and bad. Take previous event plans and work to improve on them. After each event, take some reflection notes on what went well and what didn’t, so you don’t forget and can revisit these when planning your next one. For industry expertise to help with your event, contact an Events Agency Dublin like http://davisevents.ie/

Be aware that the job of event manager comprises many different roles. For example:

Directing, project managing, being creative, communicating, marketing, networking, problem-solving and critical thinking. Know that if you can’t complete all these roles, you must develop a team of people around you who do have these skills. Understand your job involves multiple roles
Future Trends
Keep your eye on the bigger picture and understand the impact of events. Stay in touch with industry news, watch out for trends and become an early pioneer for new technology, innovation and fresh approaches to event management.

Be Environmentally Aware
All businesses in the current climate must understand and practice ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly processes. Staging large-scale events does have an impact on the environment and it’s important you understand that and what can be done to reduce waste and your carbon footprint. If not, your clients will call you out on it.

Importance of Networking
As with many industries, event management is built heavily on networks. The more contacts you grow and the more you network, the better for your business. Be approachable and friendly, don’t fall out with people and be an active presence on social media to connect to other industry professionals like yourself.

Positive Assertiveness
Being assertive doesn’t mean bossy, but it does mean pro-active and positive. Have faith in your abilities, be pro-active and direct in your approach. Everyone in the local industry should know who you are, but in a good way.

Event management is hard work and often stressful, but it’s also hugely satisfying and great fun. Remember to breathe, relax and stay positive. If you’re happy then your clients will be left smiling too. 
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