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Tech that will save your small business from failing

For those who have tried running a small business at one point, I am sure you have come across extremely high expectation to handle multiple job description at the same time. Small business owners are aware of the fact that so many things come into play in running the day to day activities of the business.

Start-ups and small businesses require their employees to handle multiple roles and make best use of the available resources, the number of things required to run a business are enormous and all tend to be linked to one another, from overhead planning and operations to network infrastructures.

Dealing with all these requirements and functions that need to be handled can be quite a herculean task, luckily for us there are several ways in which you can make you of technology and technological products like applications, social media and computer software to help reduce your budget to the barest minimum without depriving your business of its functionality.

In this article, we will be taking a look at how we can make best use of technology and technological products to prevent our small business from crumbling down. We would start the technology which are readily available and easy to take advantage of, before moving on to more advanced and sophisticated ones.

1.Digital Marketing and Social Media

You can increase your marketing potential by spreading your message exponentially to it cuts across to your potential clients and customers. It is always best to identify the social media platform that will be ideal for your marketing and concentrate all your efforts on that channel.

Often time most people confuse social media marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses social media, email newsletters and ad campaigns on various digital platform.

Leveraging the power of digital and social media marketing can put you on the path to astronomical business success.

2.Create/Develop a website for your business

Any business that doesn’t have an online presence is already positioning itself for failure. Leveraging on the advantages of digital marketing requires that you have a point of reference by which your customers or clients can gain access to your products and services. It is importance you invest enough resources into creating a website that is not only usable but alone engaging.

User interface and user experience should be well thought out and carefully drawn out. Relevant information should be easily accessible and ensure the overall website is done by a highly experience web developer.
3.Invest resources in software

Depending on the kind of business you run, you might be required to pay licensing fees or purchase out rightly some computer software or application. An example of such application that readily comes to mind is the EMERGE App. This is a cloud-based inventory management system that helps run an ecommerce or trading business.

EMERGE App has several other interesting features from simple accounting to multi-currency support that can help make running your business a whole lot easier and ensure your business isn’t dead on arrival.

4.Upgrade your IT infrastructure to suit your business needs

Your server requirements and internet network should be suitable for your business needs. Your network should be properly configured in such a way that navigating through it doesn’t resemble searching for a needle in a haystack. It is essential that your infrastructure are up-to-date and regular checks and maintenance are carried out. Measure should also be put in place to handle unforeseen situations like server malfunctions which could have a severe effect on your workflow and in some cases lead to permanent loss of data.

5.Productivity tools

Microsoft office suite is one of the most popular work productivity tool currently available in the market. Small businesses and start-up need their office productivity tools like word processors to prepare memos and documents, spreadsheets for data manipulation and clarification, and presentation slides in other to carry out their work functions effectively.

Asides Microsoft office suites, there are other productivity tools available for use. Small businesses can leverage on google productivity tool which is a cloud based application, this allows you to create documents and share documents on the go from whichever location you happen to find yourself.

6.Manage your content

Using file sharing tools is a fantastic way to share information and files very easy spanning different geographical locations. They are several file sharing services currently available in the market. Some notable ones include, Dropbox, Microsoft’s one drive, Google drive to mention a few.

These file sharing services/applications makes it easy for you to save documents on cloud storage and have access to these documents from any location provided you have an internet connection. This is a fantastic tool for communication within the office and it also makes work flow a lot faster.

The weight of expectations on the shoulders of small business is such that there is marginal room for error and laxity. Devising means to cut down cost and save the company money is usually an important factor in determining if the business would eventually succeed or fail.

At the end of the day, the most technology-driven and innovative companies are the ones who remain in business longer than everyone else because they have discovered a means of maximising their output with the use of technology to drive profits up while keeping operational costs at the barest minimum.
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