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Not lying down on the Job

Not for the first time did Michelangelo wish that the Pope Julius the second hadn’t been such a visionary and let him do this ceiling gig. Here he was busy painting the job of his life with just a palate and a few servants to hold the paint.

He looked across the top of the room and turned to his assistant. “I wish I just suggested a set of Antique crystal chandeliers like the ones I’d seen at http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/” he said mournfully.

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His assistant Pietro had had enough of this.

“Well, with the greatest of respect Mr Angelo you didn’t”, he said.

Michelangelo was not sure what he was most annoyed about. The fact he been called Mr Angelo or that the servant was quite right, He had little time to ponder his response as the servant was about to continue.

“I mean, I was there, the Pope, blessed by his name, said “can you do me some frescos to living the place up a bit? Just the apostles will do nothing fancy. Next thing he knows his being told his getting 9 pictures and that it covers the whole thing and not just some poxy corners.”

“Ahh yes but” said Michelangelo looking to try and gain some kind of control over the conversation but losing spectacularly.

“But nothing, you went big and thought he’d say not to bother as it was too much trouble and that they just wanted the apostles”, said Pietro.

“Only said it cause I didn’t want the gig. I wanted to be some sculptures, but he liked the stupid relationship with God stuff. Would have looked nice with a bit of sculpture,” said a now surely Michelangelo.

“Oh, yes the 9 pictures. Gods creation of the world, his ongoing struggle with us, don’t think they didn’t missed the the brain behind God touching Adams finger.Very satirical I don’t think. More than likely you’ll findthis scaffold has been tampered with and you ‘ll come tumbling down,” said Pietro.

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“Never happen my friend, we’re only a half way through”, said Michelangelo a bit concerned as to what was going to happen near the end of the job. Perhaps he should re think that brain thing. He stretched and rubbed his neck again. It was sore. Pietro popped in again.

“Your really should consider that lying down to paint thing”, he said.

“Oh really, like that walking on boards idea where the supports where drilled into the ceiling? That would have looked great when we ripped them out at the end and they’d have had great be whacking holes in what they actually wanted me to paint”, responded Michelangelo.

“Just saying” said Pietro as he mixed another set of paints. It was going to be a long four years.
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