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3 Must-Have Serviced Office Services to Increase Efficiency

Serviced offices have been around since the early seventies, and while the concept is not a new one, today’s leasing organisations have revolutionised the modern fit out. Many leasing organisations have capitalised on the serviced office because this modern convenience has made doing business in major financial centres easier. Of the many benefits, the serviced office takes the footwork out of searching for appropriate office space, turning on utilities and finding appropriate office furniture.

The serviced office typically works for professionals because the lease only requires they only pay the monthly rent. Offices are already furnished, and many of these spaces come with support staff and office equipment as a part of the deal. Serviced office services really eliminate a lot of the hassle of moving in, relocating or expanding to new locations, but on a daily basis, the serviced office is must-have for businesses on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable features of the serviced office and how they can lead to an increase in efficiency in your business.

Reduced Responsibility

Because the serviced office takes care of selecting and organising the office space, this responsibility is lifted from the shoulders of the business owner. As stated previously, many of the serviced offices also provide use of top-quality IT services and support staff, so business owners do not have to take on the added responsibility of staffing and setting up utilities for a business. Not only does this significantly reduce the amount of overhead a business is responsible for, it reduces the amount of time business owners have to devote to these tasks.

For comparison’s sake, in a conventional lease for a separate structure, you are responsible for securing insurance for the building, for furnishing the building, for turning on the utilities and for making sure you are aware of any tenancy regulations related to leasing the structure. Moving into a new space can be very time-consuming if you are expanding or relocating. Common wisdom dictates businesses prepare nine months in advance when relocating, so with the serviced office, business owners save a lot of time.

The serviced office saves business owners a lot of money every month because the use of the space and its amenities are bundled into one payment. This provides you with a little more efficiency in the managing of the business because serviced office billing streamlines the costs associated with leasing the office. This feature is very important for your budget because it allows you to more effectively budget, as one bill makes it easier for you to forecast monthly expenses in comparison with a conventional lease where just your utility bill can fluctuate from month-to-month depending on your expenses.


The serviced office’s major must-have feature is that it provides access to some of the better locations in the world. In fact, the serviced office has levelled the playing field between conglomerates and smaller businesses where having access to prime real estate is concerned. In previous eras, for a business to occupy space near or on some of the most prestigious addresses, it would cost them a fortune. The serviced office, through its reduced rents, can provide all businesses with affordable leasing options. In terms of efficiency, being close enough to the hub of activity places your business at a greater advantage.

Must-Haves For An Efficient Office

The serviced office has alleviated many of the hassles that go along with opening an office in centrally located, affluent business centres. It has all but alleviated the worry that goes with expanding or relocating. More importantly, it has allowed for businesses to function more efficiently by providing them access to the resources necessary to build a business.
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