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5 Great Tips for Better Warehouse Inventory Management

Having better warehouse inventory management not only makes sure that your workplace runs more efficiently, it also encourages productivity from your workforce. Inventory accuracy is paramount to a business and if done well will increase profits and decrease workplace errors. Below are some helpful tips on how to manage your warehouse inventory.

Upkeep of Your Warehouse

It takes time and effort to implement a good working inventory, so once you have one in place do not become complacent. You must continually review your working practices and make changes to improve or sustain your warehouse organisation to ensure you are always reaching your maximum potential. There are simple actions to take when reviewing your inventory, such as:

Can the stock in your warehouse be easily and safely accessed by all necessary workers?
Are there designated areas for specific actions, such as damaged goods?
Have a daily checklist that a supervisor can go through each morning 

Know Your Big Sellers

Ensure you know your products. By knowing your big sellers and keeping them in an easily accessible area you will eliminate any unnecessary hunting time and create a quicker chain of events when packing.

Utilise Cycle Counts

Audits should be done to look at the time it takes to pick certain products to ensure you are hitting your full potential in a specific location. This will highlight any areas that need improvement, whether it’s changing your big sellers or modifying where in the warehouse you keep them. Ways in which you can cycle count are referenced here: https://www.thebalance.com/cycle-counting-in-the-warehouse-2221188.

Minimise Unauthorised Traffic

You need to be aware of all personnel in your warehouse. A system that identifies and authorises individuals should be implemented within your warehouse. This could be as simple as an identity badge which needs to be worn at all times or a colour-coded uniform that represents who is undertaking what job. 

Make Room for Receiving

Ensure your workers have enough space when receiving deliveries. An inventory management system can fail due to lack of space, so ensure that when you have industrial shelving in Ireland there is enough space to implement your systems. You can purchase the correct storage systems from https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.

Regular analysis should be done on your inventory management system. These tips should help you start the process whilst encouraging your workforce to get involved.

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