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This year's ecommerce predictions unveiled


Design predictions for e-commerce in 2018 suggest that boxes will evolve. Enhancements won't stop at functionality but will go far beyond that, encompassing the design process. Boxes will be visual and when used in e-commerce websites, will be included in engaging calls to action. Boxes will assist in invigorating the overall visual appeal of the site.

Complete with some carefully-placed layering and the correct palette choices, the most basic design will look more sophisticated. Put simply, if boxes were clothing they would be on every catwalk this season.

Colours are bright and bold

We will certainly be seeing brighter and bolder colour palettes. Monochrome and subdued, cool, grown-up and serious tones are out. Start-ups, in particular, will be cramming vibrant colours into their look, screaming ‘look at me'. Colour schemes will be playful and subtlety will be consigned to history. At least for now.

So, expect vibrant colour - and lots of it - to be a key trend for e-commerce sites in 2018. This will most likely become a significant part of company identity, with specialists such as https://www.redsnapper.net, a professional web development company in London, ensuring that clients fully exploit the new trend for colour.

Custom illustrations

In experimenting with blending illustrations within an e-commerce site, it can be worthwhile playing a little. Some firms choose to include them in header images, custom iconography, stylised fonts and by animating some key visuals. There are, of course, a number of growing trends within illustrative styles themselves. Shopify has some interesting information as to what a custom illustration can do to help a brand - https://www.shopify.co.uk/partners/blog/2017-web-design-trends/.


Users are already aware that the main point of scrolling is to move down the page. It is a sensitive mechanism. Poorly designed, it can lead to a terrible user experience. A common prediction for 2018, therefore, is that you will see better approaches to scrolling, with a higher degree of user interaction and communication built in.

Animation and video

Just like animation, any image which moves immediately captures the focus of a potential customer. Although video is by no means a new invention, its versatility makes it an extremely useful component, perfect for advertising. As such, it is expected to represent an ever more important element of any professionally designed e-commerce site.

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