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HashGains Utilizing Green Energy to Ease the Bitcoin Mining Process

Presently, Bitcoin attains a value of above $70 billion. However, the main issue with the cryptocurrency is that a massive quantity of power is needed for Bitcoin mining. This is obvious as Bitcoins are made via specialized computers that look for hash keys (correct codes), similar to the gold digging.

However, this electronic digging requires more power in order to mine this virtual gold. In the year 2016, Sebastiaan Deetman said that by 2020, mining will need as much electricity as the whole nation of Denmark consumes on a regular basis.

The mining algorithm of Bitcoin is getting more difficult with the time as Bitcoin mining has become a popular activity. With around 132-year cycle of mining 21 Million Bitcoins, the demand of mining power will exponentially increase.

Apart from massive amount of electricity, Bitcoin mining also requires a lot of resources. Witnessing the problem, some of the innovative mining companies have come up that are reducing the Bitcoin mining and carbon footprint by making use of green energy.

Nature Powered 
As Bitcoin mining needs a lot of computing power to solve the complex cryptographic problems, the miners are turning towards the renewable energy that reduces the economic and environmental costs related to the business.

After seeming the big-time miners, such as Bitfury Group, HIVE Blockchain Technologies, and Bitmain Technologies that are making use of green energy in Iceland, Paraguay, and Canada, the US-based cryptocurrency mining company HashGains is going green too.

HashGains Making Bitcoin Mining Easy
The leading digital currency mining company has planned to take advantage of renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind energy.

The CEO and Founder of HashGains, Anuj Bairathi explained, “Our upcoming state-of-the-art mining data centers will make use of solar and wind energy to generate electricity, and promote the bio-friendly Bitcoin mining environment.” He added that these green mega data centers will use the advanced blockchain technology for cooling purposes too.

Continuing the discussion, the CEO said that Hashgains will install efficient mining software and hardware for good mining returns. Further, he added that the team of HashGains is dedicatedly working to implement outstanding mining technology, such as customize algorithms and blaze fast hash rate in order to provide excellent ROI to the investors.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Bitcoin price has decrease, even after that the craze for cryptocurrencies is still the same across the world. As there are numerous Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining companies that consumes massive power and damaging the environment with pollution, HashGains came up with this innovative idea of utilizing green energy resources in the apt manner.

HashGains is backed by Cyfuture, a renowned name in running the data center business with over 15 years’ and serving clients globally. With a team of 1500 well-qualified professionals, this technology giant serves some of the Fortune 500 companies.

The leading cryptocurrency mining company is expecting $30 million revenue through the ICO crowdsale. This amount will be utilized in building state-of-the-art cloud mining data centers with a combine capacity of 75 MW.

In the future, when company will start earning profits, then HashGains will create a mining pool with 100 PETA per second hashrate as the company wants to list it among the world’s top five mining pools.
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