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9 Types of Cheques That Can Be Encashed Instantly

Have you ever been to the bank to cash your cheque and find it closed or they hold your funds? This is not the case with consumer financial services companies. These companies turn thousands of cheques into cash, instantly at very low rates. No waiting for your cheque to clear through a bank and no bank account required.

Many of these companies have convenient locations and long hours to accommodate every customer’s schedule.

Who Can Use this Service?

Everyone that has attained the age of majority can use this service. All you need to do is to visit one of their convenient locations with a proof of identity and your cheque. You are sure to leave with cash in your hands. Individuals can also cash cheques made out to their small businesses.

The following includes some of the different types of cheques that can be cashed easily from consumer financial services companies:

Payroll cheques – Many employers pay their employees with cheques; these can easily be converted to cash instantly at one of these companies.

Government cheques - These are payments from the government, including, Canada child benefits, GST/HST,and disability benefits etc.

Tax refund chequesGovernment tax refunds cheques can also be cashed by these companies.

Cashier cheques - These are drawn up by the bank and are a guaranteed payment by the bank; these are generally used in real estate and brokerage transactions.

Bank drafts - These are cheques written by the bank. They are usually requested by the third party for verification of the funds - for example, a person would rather receive a banker’s draft than a personal cheque because they know they are guaranteed payment.

Money orders- are a printed order of payment of a specific amount which is prepaid at the time of issue. These are usually issues by banks, post offices, retail stores or financial institutions.

Insurance settlement cheques- are paid out by insurance companies for settlements such as personal injuries and compensation for an accident or trauma.

Court settlement cheques- are awarded to individuals who have won a case in court where either money was owed or compensation was due in cases of personal injuries etc.

Cheques made payable to your small businesses can also be cashed easily. Once you can provide proof of business ownership, and proof of personal identity, you are sure to cash your small business cheques.

Clearly, when it comes to receiving cash instantly for your cheques, consumer financial services companies are your best option.
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