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8 Features To Look For In Good Financial Services Websites

When you get to know how your business is being perceived, it is imperative to evolve this perception over a period of time. This is mainly to keep up your pace with the trending innovations. Digital transformation has its own norms and all businesses have to evolve with it. 

For example, tiling shops have successfully marked their online presence, face-to-face payments and that too with just one click of the mouse. It is impossible to have a strong digital footprint without a good website.

Amongst all service providers, financial service providers may feel overwhelmed with these significant alterations that they need to make to complete this digital transformation. The main reason for this is that financial services follow the fundamental principle of confidential and secured data. They have a conservative working pattern.

This old school quality of financial institutions makes them stand apart from the remainder of the service industry. These days, even start-ups lead with a well established website, application or a specific digital tool. So, in order to make two ends meet you need a bridge and a perfect website consisting of the following features will do that for you:

Eye-catching Element

Most financial services websites are attributed with two main qualities i.e. stability and reliability. This means they are always associated with colours like green and navy blue, which resemble money and calmness respectively.

The latest innovative websites have bought dynamism by use of bright colours and fonts such as, a simple layout combined with some animated elements, colourful graphs and icons. Make sure that the design of your website falls in line with the general themes used by other practitioners in the financial services industry. Ensure that your website design implements the following:

o   Modern typography and graphics
o   Dynamic and lightweight user interface
o   Smooth micro-interactions

Decode Ideas like robotics and Artificial Intelligence

These days people have an open-minded perception towards modernisation and the latest approaches towards money issues and financial services. Due to a general lack of awareness, many people in the financial industry are still unaware about the positive impact of robo-advisors and AI-based personalisation tools that are designed to improve customer experience.

These tools were earlier considered to be gimmicks but they are no longer used for such purposes. A simple and unique way to reach your audience is to communicate with them as a friend rather than as an authoritative expert. Video, images and graphical representations provide reliability and improve customer loyalty with use of new technologies.

Analytical and Data Visualisation Tools

Statistics, analytics and predictions have the power to enhance credibility of the financial services. Initially, they were simply add-ons but gradually they began to be considered as must have tools to predict customer satisfaction. A small analytical app linked with your website can provide you with detailed insights about activities on your website.

For example, if a financial firm offers pension management services, they should embed a retirement savings calculator tool on their website or app. This will allow your customers to opt for a suitable plan. They can seek further assistance by contacting the firm personally.

Inclusion of such additional features boosts client loyalty.

Precise Call to Action

The main purpose of developing a website, apart from creating awareness about your services is to bring in more customers. It is important to build a synchronised website that has a well-defined and smooth call to action path.

 One way to do so is by mentioning all your services in drop down menus instead of displaying them all over your home page.

Adding CTAs (Call To Action) like request a quote, free consultation, etc can increase the number of visitors on your website by a simple click of the mouse.

Financial Services Widgets

It would be safe to assume that today we are largely dealing with people who don’t have the greatest attention span.

Today’s users usually carry out a simple search with multiple tabs and switch through them several times in 5 minutes. The best way to hold on to your audience is by offering them the latest updates with reliable sources linked to it. It is essential to provide your users with rich and useful content.

This way, you will build credibility and your audience will be habituated to your website and consider it as a one stop solution for all their needs.

Security comes first

As a financial firm, you are responsible for protecting your customer’s data. For this purpose, you may have to invest in the right resources, which offer required security to your customer’s confidential data.

If you plan to invest in reliable resources, they can be a bit on the expensive side and in such a situation, you can opt for business cash advance. This will not affect your cash flow but instead it will give it a boost with flexible repayments.

With additional financial assistance, you can also opt for the latest security and prevent cyber attacks.

Include Chatbot in your website

Incorporating AI technologies can be an effective strategy for your services. However, one cannot neglect the fact that managing a system with almost zero human interaction can be overlooked by visitors, which means no interaction with your customers.

Enter Chatbot.

While Chatbot is quite popular, only a handful of businesses are aware of its significance. You can activate them through voice or text as they can serve you through AI technology.

Your customers can use it to clear their doubts through a Q & A session, or through tools such as consumer index and business loan calculators. It is wise to keep a constant check on this system as they don’t rely much on machine learning algorithms.

Besides, the question and answer works on prompt programming, which means that you can't make real time adjustments to your answers.

Invest in a Mobile App

It has been observed that websites with high-pixilation graphics and content are not mobile-friendly. Websites that are design heavy will have longer load times on smartphones, which will cause a significant increase in your websites bounce rate.

An app on the other hand can offer a better user experience and accessibility to your customers.  Customers can quickly skim through your app and search for services they are interested in.

Facilities like account generation, bill reminders, repayment dates etc can make the process more convenient for your customers.

Lastly, financial institute websites have to be more friendly and human-like with attractive templates. People tend to develop better trust with websites that make use of the latest technology to initiate regular interactions.
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