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TV pundit participates in Six Nations drinking game

Rugby fans were divided when legendary rugby star and TV pundit Brian Moore secretly participated in a nationwide drinking game during his national commentary on the Six Nations.
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All in Good Fun?

A drinking game was launched alongside the competition with actions that must be completed whenever a pundit or commentator can be heard saying specific phrases. The instructions ranged from the classics like "drink' to ‘down your drink’, and the phrases or triggers were increasingly bizarre. The mention of the phrase "Post-Lions fatigue" would result in taking two sips of drink, for example, while the inclusion of an Eddie Butler voiceover would result in three. The wild card addition of President Donald Trump’s "covfefe"—a mistake on his Twitter feed that is now world-famous—carried the penalty of "down your drink".

Brian Moore could now be in trouble with BBC bosses because three of the most obscure phrases were all in his commentary before half time. The fact that there were none at all in the second half has led to speculation by some that he was warned by producers to stop.

Some fans were delighted with the antics and enjoyed the competition even more as a result. Others were concerned that the punditry sounded eccentric and that a drinking game directly contradicted the health benefits of sport, especially when it comes to engaging young people. The BBC recently reported that adult influence has allegedly led to a decline in young people participating in sport. Setting a poor example or fewer role models is likely to be contributing negatively. Whether it's all in good fun or making light of a serious competition, Brian Moore’s representation and BBC spokespeople have refused to comment.

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Getting Involved

If you want to get your child involved in the world of sport and experience its many benefits and advantages, you can take matters into your own hands. If the Six Nations has inspired you to try rugby, YouTube and other platforms like https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/ have rugby drill videos that you can perform at home.

Sports can be a fun confidence-building exercise with added health and social benefits, or they can take talented players right to the world stage in prestigious tournaments such as the Six Nations. Whether you choose to train from home or with a qualified coach, the sky is the limit.
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