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SEO starter actions for small business owners

Guess what? You’ve got competition, and lots of it. To put this into perspective, here is a sobering figure: In 2017, Goggle said that it was aware of roughly 130 trillion pages. With competition growing all the time, how will your site ever be found? There are only ten spots on the first page of search results, and that's where everyone wants to be. Optimisation is what will help you stay ahead of the competition.
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This is where to spend some money

Professional SEO services are essential to your success. SEO is a very complex beast, and it is also constantly changing. You do not have the time to become an SEO expert; it is an ongoing investment. What is the point in having a shop if no one can find the door? Educate yourself on the basic principles of SEO. Do your homework, understand how search engines rank websites, and how content, usability and links affect results, then determine the right investment for your particular business.

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First things first

Remember that the potential of SEO is only as high as the quality of your business or website. Good SEO will help your website to rank as well as possible, but a poor-quality website will never rank well on Google.

Quality content

You will want to aim for good, honest content because Google rewards these websites. You can read about this on the official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

They say the aim of their ranking changes is enabling searchers to find the sites that will satisfy their information needs while giving them a good user experience. They want those who make sites with users in mind rather than algorithms to be rewarded for their efforts.

You can find information on what Google considers high-quality content in its free webmaster guidelines. The information here is extremely complex, but the basic gist of it is that content should be concise and relevant. "Fluff", or non-specific content included specifically to help with search engine placement, is counterproductive and will be penalised. Again, enrol the services of the professionals, such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/.

Be realistic. SEO is not instant; it is an ongoing process. Your results will be proportional to your investment. The key decision to be made is how much you need to invest.
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