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How to dress for a date

Getting your attire right for a date is imperative, not only to impress but also to feel comfortable within yourself. Read on for our top tips for men when it comes to dressing for a date.
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Not too tight

Wearing clothes that are tight may make you feel sexy, but they rarely make you look good - not once you have sat down and had dinner anyway. For some men it is not the flab but the muscle that makes tight clothes look bad - if you have a good physique, you don't need to show it off in Lycra. Whether it is pizza or push-ups that have increased your size, always make sure your clothes fit well.

When trainers work

A scruffy old pair of running shoes will never be OK, but a nice pair of leather trainers can look great with smart jeans and a shirt. In the height of summer, a pair of canvas trainers is fine - just make sure they are clean.

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Avoid a blazer

Don't be overly formal, which can go against you as much as being scruffy or underdressed. A blazer is generally unnecessary unless your first date is to a charity ball or a wedding. If you are going somewhere nice, such as a good restaurant or the theatre, it is worth wearing a quality shirt paired with trousers or jeans, depending on the venue. Mens designer shirts from stockists such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/ are the ideal first date choice.


Don't go too crazy with accessories, but by all means pick a stylish scarf and wear it well, a pair of designer sunglasses, and - of course - a great watch. This is one of the few pieces of jewellery all men can pull off.

Simple colour schemes

Obviously don't dress all in black, but equally avoid anything too crazy when it comes to colour. Go for a simple palette of blues, greys and whites, or even greens, but not anything too 'statement' unless you feel totally comfortable.

Last bits

Make sure you are either clean shaven or have a neatly trimmed beard, wear a good aftershave, trim your nails, and clean your ears! This may seem elementary, but forget at your peril.

These simple tips are all you need when it comes to looking great for your date.
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