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How floor mats can improve workplace safety in restaurants

Restaurants are bustling places with staff and customers moving around. Staff, in particular, are moving at speed, and often carrying potential hazards in hot food and crockery and glassware, so there are risks to safety if people don’t take care and employers don’t take sensible precautions.
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There are many accidents, unfortunately, across the country every year, and many involve the same thing, present in every building - the floor. Slips and trips are a huge hazard, and people not reporting potential hazards they see or taking steps to, for example, clear up a spill. Workspace is often tight, and often people are just working long hours, which affects their concentration and coordination.

Wet floors

Quite simply, a wet floor is one of the biggest potential hazards in any kitchen as the probability of a slip happening and the potential consequences are both high. Injuries can happen to a single individual or to more than one in the same incident.

It takes very little for a floor to become slippery so vigilance is vital. Accidental spills are a big factor, and because trying to clean up a spill could make it even worse, it’s important that all staff are given proper training on how to deal with a spillage.

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Equipment can leak. Fridges and cold rooms require regular maintenance and daily checks, and if equipment needs replacing, check out specialist retailers like Fridge Freezer Direct https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms.


Floor mats can be a great way to prevent slips, although they must be fit for purpose and designed for the workplace. They should have appropriate anti-slip backing so they don’t become a trip hazard in their own right, though they will absorb small amounts of liquid.

Mats help by absorbing liquid, such as water and mud from outdoor shoes. For heavier duty, select a drainage mat with special tread that will allow liquid to drain through rather than create a pool on the floor. Mats can also provide a cushion albeit a small one that makes a big difference to workers’ physical state, reducing fatigue and the impact of being on one’s feet for long periods of time.

If you have any queries on workplace safety, consult the Health & Safety Executive.

Regular staff training will remind people of the risks to look out for and how to help themselves.
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