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The stock market is the place where one can invest the amount in the shares of various companies for long term or short term. One can earn as the increase in the value of shares or dividend declared by the companies over a period. However, there are also some other options with the help of which one can earn a good amount. They are known as trading avenues. In the cash segment, there are intraday and delivery options of trading while in the derivatives there are futures and options in which one can trade.

The options: In the market, most of the traders prefer to go for the intraday trading where one has to buy and sell shares in the same trading session or can also go for vice versa. The gap between the purchase and sales value of shares is the profit for the trader,and he has to pay certain charges also which include the charge of brokerage. Here the role of a broker comes into the picture,and the trader must get the account opened with any of the best stock brokers in India to have the best of the class service.

The trader needs to pay brokerage to the service provider as a part of the agreement between the client and the service provider. There is no fixed rate of brokerage and hence each broker charges as per own calculations. At this stage, the client needs to search for a broker who can help him get the trading done at a nominal brokerage or no brokerage at all. This can help the trader with large volume to save ample amount in the form of brokerage and employ the same with to have more trading that can lead to having more profit in next trades over a period.

When does the broker offer low rate or discount?

There are some situations when the brokers have to offer alow rate of brokerage or allow trading at thelow brokerage to the client. Usually, brokers do not prefer this as it is the brokerage is the main income for them and hence low brokerage means areduction in income which obviously no one likes. However, in below cases, he has to prepare for the low brokerage.
  • Bulk Accounts: Many brokers have asmall client base which leads to less revenue in the form of brokerage. The broker loves to increase the client base and hence in any area if he gets an offer of more clients he may have to reduce the rate of brokerage so that he can get the clients and over a period increase the revenue also.
  • Online accounts: In many cases, the brokers offer online accounts with low brokerage rate. It is beneficial to the client as well as the service provider as the client gets the trading done at low brokerage rate while the service provider does not need to deploy any staff to serve the client and hence for him it is nothing but additional revenue only.
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