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3 More Errors to Avoid When Laying Laminate Flooring

If you’ve decided to upgrade your flooring with cost-effective and durable laminate, then you’ll want to make sure that the installation is perfect. The more attention you pay to the detail of your installation, the better your floor will look whether you’ve chosen tiles for the kitchen or a wood finish for the hall.

While laminate floors are a great choice for a busy family and are DIY-friendly, if you make any of the basic installation errors when laying laminate, you can ruin the floor. Here’s how to get it right first time.

Estimate the Expansion Joint

If you’re laying laminate over a large expanse, you’ll need an accurate expansion joint - otherwise the flooring can buckle with the pressure of expansion. You’ll need to accurately estimate the room size by including all continuous runs of flooring into hallways and other open-plan areas.
Locked In

Different flooring products, like those available from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html, have different locking requirements. Make sure you understand them before you start laying the floor, as you can damage or chip the planks, making them unusable. Check the instructions before laying the first row to minimise problems.

Moisture Is the Enemy

Before laying your laminate floor, ensure that the subfloor is bone dry, and never use laminate where it may suffer prolonged exposure to water. Steam mops are out, but when it’s maintained with the right cleaning products, your laminate floor will keep on looking great and last for years to come.
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