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How to secure your storage unit?

The most important thing when it comes to storage units is security because most people decide to choose them because they don’t have additional space and they want it to be in secured place.

If you are asking yourself whether you need security for storage, we have to kill your ideas and tell you that world is not secure, so you cannot expect that everything will be safe if you just add traditional and straightforward lock with keys.

It doesn’t matter if you have expensive items or sentimental, you should find a way to keep them secure.

1.     Find a secure facility

The first thing that you should consider when it comes to storage units Baltimore is to have a perfect front door and gated perimeter. Look for some storage that contains security measures and features such as keypad access, gated border, well-lit property, video surveillance and alarmed rooms.

These things are perfect for detecting people and preventing them from breaking in. If something happens, video surveillance is here to help you find out who caused you damage.

2.     Move safely

The main idea is to protect your belongings before you enter into a storage facility. That means that you will have to defend and carefully moving your things because you don’t want to damage some furniture or t drop something before you enter the safe location.

You can use flat carts so that you can load boxes and wheel them to your location. This is the most convenient way for moving, and there are different types of flat vehicles that are made for mattresses and other expensive belongings.

In case that you move bulky items, you should consider calling the moving company that lives next to you to help you do it professionally and without breaking anything.

3.     Arrange your stuff with care

You have to make sure that you place most substantial items on the floor, and gradually to move up where the lightest ones should be. That will help you create a strong foundation for your stuff and protects you from sudden falls.

You should also mark fragile boxes so that moving company or other people who help you advance in can know where to place it. Storage is another home for your stuff that you have to put them in the room because you don’t have enough space. Therefore, the security is indispensable.

4.     What not to store?

You should store drinks, food or plants. The main reason why you should do that is that these items can attract rodents and bugs. No one wants critters in their storage space.

In the same time, it is prohibited to store flammable items because they are dangerous and can cause significant problems. In the same time, you cannot save flammable paints, fuel, aerosols, and weapons in your storage unit.


You should follow moving procedure that will help you protect your belongings and understand how to place them inside. You cannot just throw them inside and leave them as they are, because ofstorage, as well as belongings,has to be maintained first.
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