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There’s a Well-Heeled Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Two of the most popular careers are sales and marketing.  Often people are tempted to see them as one and them same.  In fact, however, they are quite different.  When one attends a conference, or meeting you can see this fact.  You will often see a crowd of well-heeled professionals who’ve obtained top quality shoes from classy manufacturers like Aldo.  The professionals in the marketing industry are often engaged in activities that are not really similar to those performed by professionals in sales.  One might see a relationship between them yet significant differences, just as you see the difference between Aldo dress boots and Aldo wing-tipped shoes.  Both have class, yet they have different roles and characteristics.

For one thing, the salesperson’s career is directly dependent upon the quality of the product and his or her ability to convince the prospective customer to want it.  Proving that one’s commodity is better than that of the competitor is as important as convincing the customer to want the product at all.  When you attend a meeting of salespersons, you will invariably hear extended discussions of ways to convince people that a product is just what they need.  The client or customer who uses a Groupon coupon or promo code is often a person of particular interest, because they can help create a new market or demand for goods and services where one previously did not exist.   

A marketing professional may frequently be engaged in finding out what prospective customers want to use, and then identifying just how that desire or need can be satisfied.  From that perspective, a marketing professional’s services may be most in demand during an economic downturn, for that is when a business or manufacturer needs to find out what product can attract a clientele.  A salesperson, on the other hand, is most successful during periods when the economy is doing well and hen the average person has cash to spend upon new items.  The Aldo shoes that sell well during those periods of economic wealth may be what you wear to your meetings and conferences to decide the strategies to cope with an anticipated downturn or weakening in product demand.  Under either circumstance the professional salesperson and the professional marketing specialist do their best when they work together cooperatively.  That is when the combined work produces results that are mutually beneficial.   
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