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Types of Bosses that Can Ruin a Company

If you have a wonderful, understanding, and reasonable boss, you are one lucky employee. There are countless employees who are not as fortunate as you are because they have to deal with their unreasonable and ill-mannered bosses.

The truth is that you cannot choose your boss; you have to deal with his or her personality, attitude, and work ethics. If you the worse-type of boss, manager, or employer, you may want to look at the brighter side – you are not alone. Despite the good standing of the employment industry in UAE, not all offices have reasonable bosses.

If you despise your boss because of his or her poor personality and professional philosophy, then you may want to know some of the meanest fictional bosses from Hollywood movies and television shows. While they don’t practically exist in real life, you may relate with them as some of them may share the same personality with the bosses you personally know of. If you’re planning to conduct a company formation in Dubai, below are the types of personalities you should avoid practicing.

Miranda Priestly from the book and movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is known for her peculiar way of treating her employees. Priestly never gets short of unrealistic and horrendous requests, putting her employees, especially her secretary, in very difficult situation. The worse thing about her agenda is that she asks for unrealistic requests for no reason at all; she just wants to know if the task could be done.

In the employment world, bosses like Priestly are not uncommon. Bosses who ask for unrealistic requests are unfortunately quite common. These bosses think they are so powerful that they push their employees to the limits just for the hang of it.

Mr. Burns of the popular animated television series “The Simpson,” is commonly depicted as a horrible and evil boss. He is the owner of the company where Homer Simpson works. Mr. Burns is notorious for being insensitive to the welfare, safety, and health of his nuclear plant’s employees. He is likewise depicted as a heartless and money-addicted boss.

Unfortunately, Mr. Burns is not unique. In the real world, you could stumble upon some bosses who care less about their employees. There are bosses and employers who don’t care about their employees’ interests and safety. These people often end up in legal troubles because they are likely to violate employment laws.

President Snow of the popular book series turned Hollywood franchise “The Hunger Games” is a character who has complex and dark personality. The books and movies depicted him as a heartless and power-addicted person who will do whatever it takes to stay in power and to control everything. He is even willing to kill in the name of power.

Some bosses in Dubai have the same personality as President Snow. They may not order to kill someone, but they are never short of being addicted to power. Bosses who take pleasure in being position and power are not uncommon in any workplace. These people are very hard to deal with and create a hostile working environment to each and every employee.

Horrible and mean bosses are not uncommon in the Dubai job market – this is the unfortunate truth. This is why it is important for companies to invest on good leadership trainings because it will benefit both the business and employees. When employees are happy with their bosses, chances are, their productivity will be easily improved. Hence, if you are planning to execute a company formation in Dubai, make sure to be the reasonable boss or employer.

While there are natural good leaders, not everyone has natural skills and behavior to become a good boss. Hence, companies that want to have happier and more motivated employees should consider requiring their managers, leaders, and even executives to undergo training.
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